Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Tuesday!

I get so thrown off by 3-day weekends. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that it's already Tuesday but my internal schedule feels off.

Plus, I'm wore polka dot pants today. I never thought I'd wear polka dot pants, but it happened. See what I mean? IT'S A TOPSY-TURVY KIND OF DAY.

(If anyone can give me advice on what kinds of shirts go with black polka dot pants, I'd really appreciate it. I mentioned wearing a striped blouse with them and Clayton said I'd made people go cross-eyed.)

As I mentioned last week, I took a half day on Friday so I could go home and repaint our kitchen (because what would my life be if I wasn't forever needing to paint something!?). In case you missed my last post our kitchen is in need of a facelift because the cheap-o paint slapped on the walls a few years ago is wiping right off.

As much as we liked having the light custardy-yellow color in our kitchen (I think Wal-Mart called it Banana Froth or something equally dreamy), we figured we should change things up since we had the opportunity.

I'm not a huge fan of oak and would never choose it if I was building my own house, but it admittedly looks really nice with the new blue. Having cooler walls (bother literally and figuratively) makes for a better contrast and keeps everything from looking too "warm". We just need to update our flooring and change out the hardware on the cupboards to make it a complete transformation!

But you must remember who's blog your reading because of course painting didn't go smoothly. I selected my desired color at the home improvement store, but something about the swatch didn't translate properly into the paint can because when I got home and started smearing paint on the wall, it was about 5 shades darker than what I wanted. In stubborn disbelief that there was something wrong with the color I so lovingly selected, I kept painting. Hot tears filled the corners of my eyes because I'd been planning this project for months and didn't want to admit I got the wrong color.

Three hours later, Clayton came home from work to find his wife sobbing and moving a paintbrush along the wall. "It's too dark. It's not what I wanted," I moaned.

"Well, then stop," he said so matter-of-factly.

But I was almost done and was very adamant that I make the color work. I have no idea why. I didn't want to make the paint mixer guy at the store feel bad for making the wrong color? I didn't want to admit that I don't understand how colors work? I have no idea why the color was wrong or why I was so dead-set on keeping it.

Clayton eventually pulled the brush from my hand and insisted we take the now almost-empty paint can back to the store and exchange it. He said that he and I could correct the job in just a few hours if he and I both repainted it together. (I think he's afraid of my meltdowns because we originally approached the painting project with the understanding that if he taped everything off the night before, I had to paint it myself.)

So we got the color switched (they were SO NICE about it) and Clay helped me repaint the kitchen that same night. It only took us about 3 hours and we ordered pizza and listened to stand-up comedy on Spotify while we worked. We made a night out of it and you know what? It looks great.

Despite being tired and sore from painting all night, we managed to get up early enough to go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. I bought obscenely large zucchinis for only $.50 (and forgot to bring a shopping bag so I was forced to shove the massive veggies in my purse like a weirdo) and we got a pound of grass fed beef for a great price.

And if you thought I bought that sweet onion to eat raw until my eyes were practically crying blood, you'd be right. It took 2 solid days for that taste to leave my mouth but holy cow, it was worth it.

It was a pretty rainy weekend, so I only made it outside for a run once. Luckily it was my long run and I ran 6 or so miles in a cool drizzle. I went out sans Garmin once again and I know it was slow, but I made it through and had energy to burn.

Since the weather was mostly crappy for the rest of the weekend, I took advantage of my time indoors and did some baking. First was a berry pie for a 4th of July cookout and my inspiration was a video one of Clayton's relatives shared on Facebook several weeks ago. For some reason I'm super into cutting shapes in pie crust dough and was beyond thrilled to try my hand at replicating an American flag.

Some of the stars sank into the blueberries during the baking process and I'm sure that's some kind of metaphor for the decline of our once great nation, but the pie was yummers!

I also made another batch of what very well may be the world's greatest cookie. Remember Oreo Pudding Cookies? They're the fanastical chocolate chip cookie stuffed with Oreo pudding and chunks of cookies n' cream candy bars. They are, in a word, amazeballs.

Clayton used the rest of my semi-sweet chocolate chips to make brownies (he makes some killer mocha brownies), so I had to use white chocolate chips instead and it was a happy change.

Seriously, if you haven't made these cookies yet, then I'm afraid you may never know true happiness.

I think that Oreo pudding should be a requirement in all recipes forever and ever. Even spaghetti.

I was a good girl and managed to make two dozen cookies without scarfing the dough. As a reward, I baked one ball of dough only halfway and treated myself to an ooey gooey half-cookie/half-cook-dough treat and a glass of wine. #treatyoself

Our neighbors set off fireworks every night of the weekend (during the rain no less. I admire their tenacity), but thankfully they all abided by the rules and finished by 11pm. Joey got a little nervous and refused to go outside for a walk until it was quiet, but he didn't pace and cry like he has in years past. I was just grateful I was able to get some sleep and that bottle rockets didn't hit my house.

So in all we had another low key weekend and were once again incredibly productive. At this rate, we might have most of our project list completed by this fall!

I'm just kidding. Home improvement is never-ending. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Hope you all had a great weekend!