Updates June 2016

Gosh, I can't believe it's been this long.

I'm slightly concerned that people who don't know me in real life may have assumed I died. I haven't updated my blog in over a month and if I'm doing the math correctly (which never happens), that's the longest I've gone without writing in the past 7 years. But rest easy knowing that if something did ever happen to me, Clayton would post on be behalf and just be like, "She gone."

I haven't written for a few reasons: One being that I'm busy. There's very little I hate more than people using busy as a reason for disappearing off the face of the planet because hey, literally everyone's busy, but I just have not made the time to sit down and write amongst everything else I have going on (and new episodes of OITNB just popped up on Netflix, so ... #priorities). 

Making the time to write was even more difficult because another reason why I haven't been blogging is that I'm in an emotional funk, and every blog post I considered writing over the past few weeks filled me with a weird combination of rage and boredom. 

It's like I got tired of hearing myself talk and didn't want to hang out with me anymore. 

Then my Time Hop app kept reminding me of posts I've written over the past few years and I really started to miss the whole blogging process. I used to plan my weekends around Monday's Weekend Recap posts by making sure I always had my camera ready to snap a photo of whatever I was doing. I used to want to share every little recipe I ever tried from Pinterest. I used to want to share every stupid, unimportant detail of my day with you.

But then I started having all of these leg and back issues at the end of 2015. My running started to suffer and I started to feel depressed because I the thing I love to do most was causing me both physical and mental distress. After months of regression, I became a broken record and was getting really tired of talking about my problems with running (and even more tired of dealing with my problems with running). So when the anxiety and frustration started to spill over into other areas of my life, I knew I needed to stop back from the blog and reassess things (mostly my attitude). 

I'm still struggling with running, but I'm still trying. I'm also still struggling with not letting it ruin my mood, but I'm still trying. I actively choose to keep trying. 

And speaking of being active (see what I did there?), I've had a lot going on! Like I said, I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs the past month. 

Since we last spoke:

I hiked through Clifty Falls with Brittany and left with only a little poison ivy.

I finished the Geist 10k (I was originally signed up for the half but then, you know). The fact that I could tap into my old mental stamina and make it through the difficult course without walking was worth celebrating. The hilarious thing is that I placed 4th in my group and was the 38th overall female out of almost 400. I owe you a race recap.

I also ran the Race for Literacy 5k because whacked out body or not, I do this 5k every year and didn't want to miss out. This is the first time I didn't place and I wasn't surprised nor did I particularly care. Just finishing is a victory. And it was 90 degrees!

I attended the wedding of Clayton's aunt and watched her marry probably the nicest man on the planet. (And my hair was behaving FABULOUSLY that day.)

I celebrated my love turning 30 by making him this chocolate cake with mocha buttercream icing (and what I think is my best frosting to date). Since 30 is a milestone, I wanted him to have something special and upgraded his wedding band. He went from a flimsy white gold ring to a beautiful tungsten band with etching along the top and bottom. 

I took a road trip to Corydon, Indiana with Colby and Ireli for a day of wine tasting, ice cream, miniature golf, and shenanigans. 

I made these frozen yogurt breakfast cups with granola, strawberry yogurt, and fresh berries.

I had my first beach day (and got my first sunburn) of the year with Brittany. 

I got a wild hair and decided I needed to make a more summery wreath for our front door (our previous wreath is basically dead twigs and brown fabric flowers) and it turned out fantastic! I just wrapped different colors of yarn around a styrofoam ring and added a few small flourishes. 

I was asked to travel for work this month and at the end of June alone I will have flown to Pittsburg, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Newark (and this isn't even half as much as what some of my co-workers are traveling this month!). I'm kind of dorky and get really excited each time I go because I love traveling, even if it's too just a hotel conference room and back. 

I spent an afternoon in Indianapolis with my dad and sister and we raced indoor go-karts. I wanted the full experience and insisted I wear the full racing suit (I loved that it was an option) ... but promptly returned the suit with lots of sweat and regret.

Upcoming things I'm looking forward to:

We're planning a fall trip to Arizona with Dan and Emily! I haven't been out West since my family took a vacation to Wyoming during my senior year of high school (business trips to Cali don't count). We have lots of beautiful hiking in our near future!

After much debate over the past several months, Clayton and I finally agreed that we need to rip out two of the three garden boxes in our backyard. I think I love the idea of gardening more than I actual care to garden, so having three huge boxes felt overwhelming. Plus, the two we're pulling out are rotting and it will be easier to just tear them down vs. cutting and replacing the pieces. So we'll keep one for actual use and plan to fill in the rest of the space with gravel and a fire pit.

So with all that's happening, this has literally been me lately: