I’ve been wide-awake since 5:30 this morning. I had zero intentions of getting up before my usual 6:45 wake-up call (especially on a Monday), but someone was sleeping on his back like a beached whale and snoring like a faulty chainsaw.

Surprisingly, it was Joey, not Clayton.

In a fit of exhausted rage, I flopped over the edge of the bed to berate Joey for ruining my slumber, but he looked so freakin’ cute wrapped up in his blanket and laying halfway off his doggie bed that I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I let him continue to snore through his blissful beagle dreams and quietly crept out of the room since going back to sleep was now impossible.   

So I got up early and actually worked out before work.

Thanks, Joey?

But my workout was done and out of the way early and that meant there was one less thing standing between me and tacos for dinner. (All day at work I was like, “TACOS! TACOS! TACOS!” It’s hard to concentrate on anything else when you know you’re going home to eat TACOS! TACOS! TACOS!)

This past weekend was great. The weather wasn’t ideal (it was pretty chilly and Saturday was so windy, many people lost power), but we got a lot done and still had plenty of time to relax.

Highlights of the weekend included seeing Fahim Anwar at the comedy club with Dan and Emily and then going back to their house to drink cocktails and play Mario Kart. I actually won 2 races that night and got so excited I fell asleep on the couch while everyone else kept playing video games.

It’s always a good time with those two and I don’t just fall asleep anywhere, so I hope they feel super special.

I ran 8 miles on Sunday morning which, given my situation over the past several months, is a big deal! Since I incorrectly charged my Garmin the night before, the battery was practically drained and wouldn't last during my workout. Instead of throwing a hissy fit, I decided to use the stopwatch on my phone and just run for an hour and 15 minutes (assuming I ran 9 minute miles with a few extra minutes for padding).

The run went really well! I’ve been having a hard time getting through 5 and 6 mile runs and assumed this one would be no different, but I actually felt pretty good! I ran on some pretty steep hills and despite my vision going blurry and a few thoughts of, “So this is where I die”, I powered up each one.

The time actually went by fast, which is weird.

But more on running nonsense in a later post.

My favorite part of this weekend was finally getting our new couch! We were able to pick it up Saturday (2 separate car trips in 40 mph winds, no less) and that night we got to laze around on our new sectional and watch movies.

For the record, Joey hates the new couch. It’s not as “crater-y” as our old one and he’s having a hard time adjusting to a firm surface when he was once so accustomed to a couch he practically sank into. We had to drag his doggie bed into the living room so he had something to sit on.

I’m actually really pleased that we decided to wait on new carpet and instead put our tax refund towards new seating. Having our carpets shampooed brightened them up beautifully and for the first time since we stepped foot inside this house, it doesn’t have a faint aroma of old dog urine.

It wasn’t horribly noticeable in the summertime when the air conditioner and air filter were turned on, but any days we wanted to shut off the system and open the windows for a fresh breeze? No way. There’s no such thing as “fresh air” when the breeze is just blowing around old dog pee.

We steam cleaned the carpet, used every possible DIY cleaner, paid a professional to steam the carpet—none of it worked. One time I even got on my hands and knees with paint thinner to see if that could lift the stains. We were ready to replace it.

But then our need for a couch (and a trip to France next year) became the immediate need and we put plans for new carpet on hold.

I’d always heard that shampooing carpet did more harm than good, but we were seriously desperate. If we couldn’t afford brand new carpet, then we wanted to do anything we could to salvage the old.

We bought a house specifically to host get-togethers and I’ve been so embarrassed by the “musky mutt odor” and the subsequent carpet staining that I’ve rarely invited guests into my home. I couldn’t stand the thought of someone thinking that’s how I kept my home or that, heaven forbid, our dog made that smell.

As of tonight, a full week after the carpet cleaning, the giant black stain in front of our TV is GONE. I honestly started crying when I first walked through the door the day we had the carpets done—it was something that bothered me THAT much.

I'll wait to post a picture of our freshly shampooed, slightly redecorated living room. I'm waiting on a small decor item to come in the mail and once it's all put together, I'll show you. For now, here's Joey trying to get comfortable on the new sofa:

 And you can feast your eyes on my TACOS! TACOS! TACOS!

For dessert we had whatever you want to call this thing:

It’s basically a dessert lasagna with alternating layers of Oreos and whipped cream and strawberries. It’s messy and has no name, but it’s delicious.

(And please don't judge how dirty my glass casserole dish is right now. It's very, very old and will forever be haunted by remnants of meals past.)

Happy Monday!

Oh my gosh. It's only Monday.