St. Louis

It's hard to be spontaneous as an adult. Even if you don't have children, finding time to abandon normal responsibilities and do something out of the ordinary is a challenge.

Clay and I "planned" a spontaneous trip to St. Louis for about a month. It was easy to come up with the idea ("Hey, do you want to take a road trip to St. Louis this weekend?"), but the execution took a little more effort. We got the idea on a Sunday and decided to go the following weekend. But then realized I was scheduled to volunteer that Saturday and Clayton was scheduled to work at the IU basketball game on the Saturday after that.

So we decided to take our "spontaneous" road trip this past weekend.

Why did we want to drive 8 hours in one day? Food and animals (no one should be surprised by this).

St. Louis has an incredible FREE zoo and the weather was in the 60s, so why not?

We were very excited to go to the zoo and it was actually the perfect coverup for our original motivation of traveling 450 miles just so we could eat the pizza we saw on an episode of Pizza Masters.

Yes, the whole idea for the trip came from watching pizza on TV.

^^I had to do an insane amount of cropping in this photo because the Gateway Arch is currently under construction and surrounded by a hot mess. 

I love this picture. We had the sunroof open and were happy to feel the sunshine.

Did you know the Saint Louis Zoo sells beer?

I haven't been to a zoo outside of Indiana in years and it was so cool to see animals I've never seen in person. I was almost beside myself with joy when I saw swimming, smiling hippos!

Did you know hippos actually don't swim? They get around in the water by pushing off the ground and other objects. #themoreyouknow

We also saw bear cubs snoozing in the sunshine. Looks at that little guy's claws!

The orangutans were being especially silly during our visit. This guy kept wrapping himself in a sheet and the teeny tiny baby (not pictured) was trying his best to swing from a rope like Tarzan.

3 hours and about 15,000 Fitbit steps later, we were famished and ready for pizza! Frank and Helen's didn't disappoint and Clayton and I shared a pizza pie and fried raviolis. 

We got back to Bloomington a little after midnight (and this trip was probably the first one in our 13-year relationship where I didn't fall asleep on the way home). It was definitely an exhausting day, but it was definitely worth all of those hours in the car. I can't wait for our next adventure!