I'm currently ...

Watching: The Voice

Clayton suggested we start watching the 9th season of The Voice, and I was admittedly hesitant at first. I've never seen a single episode of this show and honestly, since American Idol came first, I always just kind of assumed it was a crappy rip off. Boy, was I wrong! The season is only in its second week and I'm already dropping everything I'm doing to sit down and watch it. To me, The Voice is level above American Idol because they won't let someone audition unless they already have a little bit of obvious talent (watching people who don't know they're terrible makes me cringe). I love watching Blake Shelton snipe contestants at the last possible second, and I totally forgot that shows like this combine two of my favorite things: singing and judging people.

Cooking: Lots of chicken and veggies

We leave for NYC in 3 days (Eeeee!) and we've already made it a point to plan which famous bakeries we'll be visiting. In preparation for the onslaught of deliciousness, I'm trying to cleanse my body. No fancy culinary skills this week, just good ol' healthy basics.

Baking: Bread

Oprah and I share a common love of journalism and carbs. But I've never tried to bake a loaf myself because I think yeast is intimidating. Aside from making the stray batch of dinner rolls that require no thought whatsoever, I usually prefer to just buy the bread (as I'm sure Oprah does, too).

But this past weekend I got a wild hair and after finding a forgotten packet of yeast hidden in the back of my pantry, I decided to just try. Worst case scenario: the dough doesn't rise or I burn the house down using the oven. I was willing to risk both.

I found a painfully simple recipe online (it was such a basic bread recipe, I initially wondered if the author forgot half of it) and in about 3 hours, I had a huge loaf of the freshest, most delicious bread EVER. It's dense, it's just doughy enoughit's perfect. I couldn't be happier with it.

The loaf definitely could have been shaped better, but considering I had to squeeze it into a meatloaf pan and it was my first bread-making attempt ever, I'm trying not to be too hard on myself.

Sipping on: Vodka tonics

When the weather starts to warm up, most people begin thinking of spring cleaning or outdoor home improvement projects. Not me. I was immediately thinking, "I need a spring cocktail." I have no idea what the "proper" proportions are, but I just mix 1 part vodka with 2 parts tonic water, squeeze in a few slices of lime, add ice and then BAM! I have something yummy to sip while I watch Fuller House.

Listening to: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' This Unruly Mess I've Made

I know what people think when they first see me: "That girl must love rap music." And they're probably shocked to find out that I don't really care for the genre all that much. I'm very selective about the type of rap music I listen to, but I absolutely LOVE Macklemore. The Heist is one of my favorite albums of all time and this new album is quickly working its way into my heart. Idris Elba is featured on "Dance Off" and "Let's Eat" is seriously an ode to junk food (and probably makes a deeper statement about American gluttony).

I mean, who can't get behind lyrics like:
"My girl shaped like a bottle of Coke
Me? I'm shaped like a bottle of nope"

He's a wordsmith genius.

Reading: The Martian by Andy Weir

I want to see the movie SO BAD, but I won't let myself watch it until I get through the book. The book has a large amount of chemistry and physics and I know you can't tell by just looking at me, but I'm absolutely terrible at chemistry and physics. (That's a lie. "I don't understand matter and energies" is written all of my face at all times. It's obvious that I don't do well at chemistry and physics. I do well at English and snack foods.) So reading the book has been slow-going. I have to seriously re-read the same paragraph several times to make sure I can grasp what the author is saying. It would be so much easier to just watch Matt Damon do these things instead of trying to piece them together in my head, but I am dedicated.

Looking forward to: Flip flops, tank tops, bronze skin, grilling out, thunderstorms, going to the drive-in, the Farmer's market, the beach, softball, cold beer on the patio, gardening, flowers, fresh produce—everything that warm weather brings.

Spring is on its way and there's so much amazingness to come!