Weekend recap

I can't even remember the last time I did a weekend recap—it's been THAT long.

I just checked: The last weekend recap was in November. And I've definitely had a few weekends since then.

First things first, Joey is feeling much better! He's definitely back to his old self and an added bonus? The special canned food the vet gave us made his coat so freakin' soft! I keep burying my face in his fur because he's like a little cashmere blanket ... a little cashmere blanket that smells like corn chips.

We never do anything exciting on Friday nights because it's a well known rule in our house that Friday nights are for sweatpants and Netflix. We took a quick nap after work, made some grilled chicken to go on our salads, and I fell asleep in the spare bedroom watching Meet the Robinsons (our office is on a Disney/Pixar kick and we're lending each other our movies).

On Saturday morning I was up fairly early (for me), so I could complete a quick run before I spent the afternoon in Indianapolis. The temperature was almost 70°! I ran in shorts and a t-shirt, my pasty winter thighs on display for all to see. And it was glorious! I ran 5.5 miles and had only had to stop once to walk out my stiff hips and shins. That's huge for me.

Afterwards, I drove up to Indianapolis to play laser tag with my dad and sister. (<-- Those who know me know the significance of that sentence, and I hope you can understand my need to not go into extensive details or talk about it until I'm ready.)

My sister and I used to be obsessed with playing Goldeneye 007 on our Nintendo 64, but I was never very good. I preferred to play in paint ball mode and was content to shoot artwork onto the walls while I waited for someone to inevitably assassinate me. I had bad aim then, and I have bad aim now. I'm definitely not the girl you want on your laser tag team.

The laser tag center requires players to register their information and we didn't realize the information we put in the system would ultimately be on display for the entire building to see. It asked for a code name and not able to think of anything creative, I just put my alias down as Giggle Fart ... because why not?

We also failed to realize that we'd be playing laser tag with about twenty 8 year-old boys who think anything pertaining to butts and farts is hilarious.

We spent 10 minutes or so getting "briefed" on how to play the game and about 9 and half of those minutes were filled with little boys randomly shouting, "Who's Giggle Fart!?!?!?!?"

I was immediately filled with regret.

The three of us stood in the corner with our eyes averted, trying not to laugh. Each time I heard someone say "Giggle Fart", I came closer and closer to blowing my cover.

By the time we divided into our teams and had our guns ready, I thought everyone had forgotten about the code names. But right before the game started, the kids made one more desperate plea for Giggle Fart to identify himself.

"FINE," I finally yelled. "I'm Giggle Fart."

I've never seen so many simultaneously disappointed and disgusted young faces. Finding out that a 30 year-old woman was Giggle Fart must have been almost as tragic as finding out that Santa Claus wasn't real. Sorry to disappoint, folks. I wish I was cooler, too.

After a few sweaty rounds of laser tag, we lingered at the gaming center to play arcade games. The three of us did this together a lot when Ashley and I were kids, so it was fun to play silly games and win tickets for pitiful prizes. Then we ventured off to have dinner at a place called Matt the Miller's Tavern and both my dad and I ordered the North Atlantic Cod sandwich. It was pretty tasty!

By a wonderful stroke of luck, I parked on a side street that was directly across from The Flying Cupcake. If you recall, my mom surprised my with cupcakes from this chain on my 30th birthday and their vanilla buttercream changed my life. We ran in to get some cupcakes to-go and it took every ounce of restraint I had not to eat mine on my way back to Bloomington. I got a Here Comes the Bride (since I'm an eternal white cake with white frosting lover) and holy wow! Almond cake with almond buttercream is my jam!

On Sunday morning I woke up earlier than usual so I could meet some of my lady friends at the trail for an informal girl's run. I arrived a half hour early so I could walk and try my hand at a few pick-ups before we eased into our 3 mile run together. I haven't tried any kind of speed work for months and was nervous I was either going to flame out super early or rip something in my body. I did two 800-meter sprints and was pleased to see that I could still run them under 4 minutes.

Having a nice, relaxing run while chatting with my friends was just what the doctor ordered and I hit my 10,000 Fitbit steps before 11am.

So of course I went home and was lazy for the rest of the day because I mean, I already hit my 10,000 steps. By the laws of Fitbit, I didn't have to move for the rest of the day.

I made chicken noodle soup for Sunday dinner with fresh dinner rolls so we'd have something to eat on for a few days. I just made chicken noodle soup a few weekends ago, but for some reason I'm hung up on perfecting my recipe. This time I omitted onions and sautéed garlic with the veggies and added a few handfuls of fresh kale at the end. Once I get it where I want it, I'll be happy to share the recipe with you all!

And I ended my weekend in a bubble bath with a glass of Chardonnay and People magazine.

No complaints here. It was a great weekend. I hope you had a good one, too!


  1. Hey Courtney, I stumbled upon your blog when a co-worker googled quotes from Ron Burgundy. Your writing is easy to read and made me smile on more than one occasion. Most impressive, is keeping it up all these years. Best! ~Kai (a guy who identifies with your experiences, from northern CA)


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