This picture is both disgusting and accurate. 

Because I've been a little overdramatic the past few days.

Long story short, I went for a run last Saturday and even though I felt pretty decent during the workout, my legs ached the second I stopped running. The ache remained all morning, all afternoon, and when it was finally time to go to bed, I couldn't get comfortable because every position hurt. 

So much for being "cleared" by my chiropractor. 

I went to see her this morning (she graciously squeezed me into her busy schedule) and this time, instead of being diagnosed with extremely tight muscles, I was told my hamstrings were incredibly inflamed. The culprit? Just being alive, apparently. 

Okay, that was kind of dramatic, too. I've been working really hard to strengthen these muscles and along the way, I did several small things that added up to a serious case of the ouchies. It was innocent things, like using the recumbent bike instead of the upright bike. For doing the wrong eccentric exercises (some are good for my tight hamstrings and some are bad?). And for basically being a beast in the gym. All of these minor things results in my pelvis moving out of alignment and me doing more harm to my hammies than good. 

It's beyond frustrating because I have been doing every. single. thing. I was told to do to help me get better. I cut down on my running; I developed a deep, committed relationship with my foam roller; I spent an uncomfortable amount of time with the heating pad; my cardio was mostly of the low-impact variety; and I started strength training for 30 minutes, 3 days a week. I took it easy, I was cautious, and now my muscles are bulging ... and not in the good way. 

So I got my pelvis realigned (which means I paid someone about $100 to sit on me until my bones popped. I could have had Clayton do that free) and had about 20 minutes of electrical stimulation therapy. My back is now a little sore from the alignment, but I've been alternating hot and cold compresses on my legs all evening. I feel mostly okay, just a little down in the dumps. 

I haven't run in 5 days, and today was told that I can't run for at least 7 more. I'm limited to only walking, biking (on the upright), and swimming. I have to cut my leg strength training in half. 

Cut my heart in half, too, why don't ya? 

Okay, that was definitely very dramatic. 

This is the longest stretch of time I've gone without running in almost 6 years and I'm pretty sad about it.

And maybe kind of bitter. 

Okay, a lot bitter. 

On Monday evening I was at the gym riding the wrong a bike and watched a young girl (who couldn't have been more than 18) waltz into the room and hop onto a treadmill in the row of machines directly in front of me. She didn't stretch, didn't begin with a few minutes of walking. No warm-up whatsoever. She punched the "start" button, immediately bumped the speed to 8.0 mph (about a 7 and a half minute mile), and started sprinting like a gazelle. 

I could feel my eyes narrow as I watched her, and my petty feelings totally reminded me of one of my favorite memes:

I couldn't help but think, "Girl, you better enjoy your careless exercise program now because when you turn 30 you're gonna be sitting here peddling a stationary bike juuuuuuuust like me. Be careful."

I felt a little better when she faded after only 12 minutes and had to stop. 

But regardless, it still sucks watching other people do the thing you love to do when you can't do it. 

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that I have a good follow-up appointment next week. Hopefully the inflammation will have gone down completely and I can start easing back into running. I want this for myself, but also for Clayton because I know I'm totally obnoxious to live with right now. If he could find a way to strap me to a rocket and launch me into space, I'm pretty sure he'd do it in a heartbeat.


  1. I literally laughed out loud at 5:30 in the morning at your last sentence. Hoping your body cooperates and everything goes back to normal. I strained a tendon in my ankle and had to take a six week break. I feel your pain. It sucks getting old!


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