2016 Reading Challenge

Ya'll know that New Year's Resolutions are pretty hit or miss for me (and everyone, really). Some years I'm like, "GET BETTER AT ALL THE THINGS!" and other years I'm more like, "DOING THINGS IS OVERRATED!"

This year I'm somewhere more in the middle. I guess you could say I have a moderately lazy desire to improve my life in areas that don't take too much time or effort.

Or money.

I was pretty lazy about reading in 2015, even though the will to pick up one of my many unread books was strong. I had really good intentions and would even check out large stacks of books from the library, but I'd only half-read most of them before they were due back.

My desire for afternoon naps was always stronger than the desire for personal enrichment.

Even being forced to take time off from running didn't increase my reading hours (but it definitely increased my nap hours. Next year I think I'm going to set myself up for success and make my New Year's Resolution to nap more).

I found this 2016 Reading Challenge on Facebook and immediately printed several copies and took it to work. My co-workers are bookworms and I knew they'd be on board (I was right). The challenge doesn't have an overwhelming number of books to read, so we figured it would be a good chance to get our feet wet and see what happens. If we plow through this in a few months (which is likely), we can try another one!

Without boring you with my entire list of chosen books (that's bound to change anyway), here are a few of my selections for the reading challenge:

A book I should have read in high school: Lord of the Flies. This one was difficult to come up with because my high school pretty much ran the gamut on traditional high school reading material. Plus, being in Honor's English required a lovely little thing called Summer Reading, so I read the typical required literature and then some. Oddly enough, we never read Lord of the Flies. I've heard disturbing things about it, so of course I'm interested.

A book that intimidates you: Under the Dome by Stephen King ... for no reason other than it's 1,000 pages. I looked at a list compiled on Goodreads.com of classically intimidating books, but none of the plot lines grabbed me. I know part of the challenge would be making way your through something that doesn't necessarily spark your fire, but I know me and I will end up abandoning something I can't get into. Plus, my sister is the most avid Stephen King fan on the planet and I'd love to talk about it with her.

A book that was published this year: Heartless by Marissa Meyers. We have to wait until the fall of 2016 for this one to be released, but my co-workers and I are in agreement that it sounds intriguing. A teaser from Amazon: "Long before she was the terror of Wonderland — the infamous Queen of Hearts — she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love." Aren't we all?

Creating my list for the reading challenge also spawned a secondary list of books that I've always wanted to read, but completely forgot about. Dracula, for starters. And A Confederacy of Dunces. And Paradise Lost. (Just kidding ... I'll never read that one. I was intrigued by the storyline, but then saw that it was one long poem. No, thanks. Been there, done that with The Odyssey and it nearly killed me. I like my poems short and rhyming words like "blue" and "you".)

Are you interested in a reading challenge this year? What would be on your book list?


  1. A reading challenge is a great idea. I read SO much more last year than I did in the previous five years, mainly because I discovered you can download ebooks from the local library to your ereader. I have a nook, and I've been toting it all over creation with me so I can read wherever and whenever I have downtime.

    I can't believe you never had to read "The Lord of the Flies"!! That was one of my favorite mandatory readings in high school. There are, however, countless other classics that I was not required to read which are on my "to read" list in Goodreads. "Dracula" is one, and I've never read "Catch-22", "Clockwork Orange", "1984", "Arsenic and Old Lace"...you know, all the books you hear about and references to them are made all the time, but you haven't read them yet. Gotta get on that.

    Also, my friend, Julie just self-published a book, so I'll be reading that for sure. Can't wait to see what books you devour this year!

    1. Oh my goodness, I read NONE of the books you mentioned in your comment!

      We read things like Tom Sawyer, To Kill a Mockingbird, Scarlet Letter, Great Gatsby, The Odyssey, Watership Down, Ferinheit 451, etc. I feel like I missed out! So many to read now!

      Downloading library books on my Kindle changed my life! I look at their new releases at least once a week. And I can download audio books too (great f listening to at work)!

  2. Love your reading resolution idea! Let me know once you've read, Lord of the Flies. I'd love to get into the deeper meaning of the novel with you.


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