Christmas at the Zoo

This December is the very first in my memory that I've ever had egg nog in my house. Sure, I've definitely drank egg nog in my lifetime (both spiked and non-alcoholic), but for some reason I never thought to buy it for myself until this year. I had an intense craving for it out of nowhere and we went to three different grocery stores over the weekend to find it (tis' the season to be sold out of things). Maybe I just had a craving for bourbon, who knows? But it's delicious.

2015 was another year of firsts, including (and shockingly) my very first trip to Christmas at the Zoo in Indianapolis. How an individual who prefers the company of animals over that of people never managed to spend the holidays at the zoo, I'll never know.

Colby and Ireli are members of the Indianapolis Zoo (which is the coolest thing on the planet to be a member of besides like, the Billionaires' Club or something) and kindly shared their +1 guest passes with us. It took over an hour and a half to get into the zoo once we arrived in Indy, but that's to be expected when it's over 60 degrees on a December night—everyone had the same idea. Luckily the four of us have absolutely no problem entertaining each other in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Snow on the ground with frosty temps or not, Christmas at the Zoo was still like walking in a Winter Wonderland. When they say that there are Christmas lights everywhere, there are really Christmas lights everywhere. It was so beautiful and so festive, it was totally worth the 3 hours it took to get there. ha ha!

 I was 



I totally gave up taking pictures about halfway through our adventure because my paltry iPhone snaps didn't do the Christmas lights justice. One of my closest friends proposed to his wife at this very same event and I can totally see why—it's incredibly romantic (minus the lingering smell of the walrus exhibit).

Another first for me that night?

I met a reindeer! Well, I didn't really meet the reindeer (we were never formally introduced), but I stood beside its pen for several minutes talking about how much I loved her fluffy little reindeer butt.

Fun reindeer fact:
Reindeer shed their antlers every year and they grow back in the exact same pattern each time.

And just like snowflakes, no two reindeers' antlers are the same.

Have you ever been to Christmas at the Zoo?