7 years ago

One of our very first photos together, the weekend we met. 

The day Clayton I got married, it snowed. Actually, “it snowed” might be an understatement. I think it’s pretty accurate to say we had a mild blizzard because it snowed early in the morning and straight through our reception. It was beautiful (albeit slightly hazardous for traveling guests) and definitely made our special night all the more magical and romantic.

Ya, it was 50° and sunny on our anniversary this year.

7 years ago, on December 6th, Clayton and I said “I do” and became husband and wife. Committing to him for the rest of my life was the easiest decision I’ve ever made and we both enjoy pausing every year to reflect on the snowy, candlelit night that we became “us”.

(I was seriously going to type “on the snowy, candlelit night that we merged our hearts into one”, but I don’t think I could ever forgive myself for being THAT nauseatingly cheesy. I don’t think that even Hallmark could get on board with that kind of saccharine sentiment. They’d be like, “Man up, lady.”)

As much as I love having a December anniversary, it’s not always the best timing with Christmas just a few weeks away. So we decided to have a low-key celebration without a lot of pomp and circumstance.

On Saturday night we ventured downtown to see the Krampus Night parade again, a yearly Bloomington tradition that is steadily growing. If you’re not familiar, Krampus is the hell-bound counterpart to St. Nicholas and punishes children for being naughty. Yes, it’s pretty demented (and honestly quite terrifying to see), but it’s one of those things that’s like, “Hey, it’s December. Wanna go see a Christmas demon parade?” (And the answer is always yes.)

Despite having what the AT&T guy swore to me was the “best phone” I could possibly buy at the moment, it did a really crappy job of taking action shots in the dark. I borrowed these much better, more professional photos from the Bloomington Krampus Night Facebook event page:

^^This looks like the worst elementary school class photo ever.

Photographer: “Okay, everyone. Say ‘cheese’!”
The Krampi: “Arrghgnnnrrrffffff!”

On Sunday, Clay and I wrapped presents, addressed our Christmas cards, and only left the house to go to the mall for an Auntie Anne’s pretzel. Our first date was Clayton’s junior prom, but our first real conversation was the afternoon of the dance while we had a few hours to kill at the mall. We shared a Glazin Rasin pretzel and started to get to know each other by asking the typical questions about our families, etc. I remember feeling really relaxed around a cute boy for the first time in my life and the ease in which we chatted already hinted that this was something special.

Well, our Auntie Anne’s no longer serves Glazin Raisin pretzels and their location in the mall has changed slightly since 2003, so we had to settle on dunking a regular pretzel in frosting while sitting in the new food court area. (A soft pretzel is a soft pretzel, so it was still delicious.)

Then we looked at puppies in the pet store because, it’s us.

I also made the easiest 3-ingredient dinner with pizza dough, sliced ham, and shredded cheese. After laying the ham and cheese on the dough, I rolled it into a log and brushed it with olive oil. The pizza baked for about 15 minutes and then I cut in into thin slices. 

It was kind of funny because while we were eating our ham roll-ups, we were both like, "I don't really like ham." We just always assumed the other person did. But really, you could make the roll-ups with any kind of deli meat. Next time we'll try pepperoni. Or maybe roast beef and toss some thinly sliced green peppers in there, too. The sky is the limit!

Happy 7 years, babe. J