Weekend recap

Me today.

I don’t know what it is about a 3-day workweek that makes it feel like a 10-day workweek, but today dragged onnnnnnnnn. I think it’s because I’m already hungry for Thursday. People want to talk about marketing strategy and budget planning, but all I can think about is turkey and wine and holiday naps.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, if not slightly uneventful because Clayton spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday working on my car with his dad. Bless their sweet souls, they repaired the broken part of my heater, but now there’s a wiring issue that they can’t figure out.

I’m beyond impressed that they successfully removed the entirety of my dashboard and put it back together because honestly, I had my doubts. It’s hard to feel confident about your husband dismantling half of your car when he all he says is, “Trust me. I watched a YouTube video.”

YouTube: The college degree of the 21st century.

“Doctor, are you SURE you know how to put in a heart stent? I don’t recall you ever actually going to medical school.”

“No problem! I saw this video about it and it was only 3 minutes long, so how hard could it be?”

But in all seriousness, I really appreciate their time and efforts. Not a lot of people would put that much energy into fixing something that isn’t even theirs.

Clayton did get away from the garage long enough to enjoy Saturday night with Colby and Ireli. We watched the Poltergeist remake and most importantly, we made authentic, homemade tamales!

Actually, Ireli made the authentic, homemade tamales and I just fumbled around in the kitchen next to her. She spent all day prepping and cooking the beef and chorizo, and I got there just in time to help her finish mixing the “dough”. We formed it into small balls and used her press to flatten them for the meat filling. She had previously soaked the corn husks and in just a few hours, we had delicious tamales!

She even gifted us with two bags to take home and I’ve already eaten half of one bag. I froze the other bag so I can satisfy my next tamale craving later this winter. 

Clay was also kind enough to pause his mechanic work on Sunday to snap a few pics with me for this year’s family Christmas card. A friend from work takes photos in her spare time and offered to do a mini session with us if I paid her in Starbucks gift cards (deal!). My in-law’s live next to a Christmas tree farm and come on, could there be a more picturesque setting?

This is only the second year Clayton and I have ever done holiday cards (last year we just used a picture of Kevin wearing a Santa hat while sitting in a tiny gold sled. #BestChristmasCardEver) and it's not necessarily something I plan to do every year, but it’s been a hot minute since we’ve had photos taken. And ya know, I’m 30 now. I figured we’d better document some more memories before my body starts to succumb to gravity. 

I’m not entirely sure which photo I’m going to use for the Christmas card, so I’ll post all the pics once I decide (don’t want to ruin the surprise … I say that like seeing Clay’s and my faces is a special treat.)

But here’s a pic Stephanie snapped of Joey and I while Clayton took his sweet time walking over to the Christmas tree farm:

This is the only picture where Joey isn't howling at goodness-knows-what. Trying to get a beagle to cooperate while he's outside in a field is not a task for the faint of heart. He wandered away several times and only stood still long enough to poop. (Luckily we didn't get that on film. Although ... #BestChristmasCardEver?)

Okay, maybe one more photo:

I look larger than my husband. This will not be the Christmas card. 

I hope you had a relaxing evening and are working up your appetite for Thursday!

 ❤️          C