It's almost time!

Hey all! Happy Friday Eve! For those of you not keeping track (which I assume is all of you because you have your own lives to live), the Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon takes place this Saturday. I hesitated to even blog this week out of fear that all of my posts would consist of me talking myself in nervous circles, but I'll try really, really hard not to do that.

Last night was my last short run before the race. 3 miles or so, easy pace. Such an easy pace, I didn't even take my Garmin with me. I just got my heart rate up for a bit and kept my legs fresh.

I was extra cautious during this final week of tapering because yesterday I had to visit the chiropractor for some issues I'm having with my hamstrings. About midway through training, I started experiencing a lot of tightness in the back of my legs and running just one mile made my body feel as fatigued as it does when I run 10+ miles!

I became really diligent about foam rolling, icing, and stretching and was happy to see a lot of improvement over the past several weeks. But I wanted to be 100% sure I was in the clear to race, so I went to the chiropractor earlier this week to have everything looked at. I was diagnosed with what my chiropractor lovingly calls "HamAss", a cutesy way of saying my hamstrings and glutes are fried from overuse. I didn't spend enough time strength training my legs and the muscles on the backs of my legs are disproportionate to the strength of the muscles in my quads.

Honestly, I found this discovery to be odd because I do strength train, even when I'm training for a big race. I guess the number of squats, burpees, and lunges I force myself to do every week still aren't any match for the number of miles I put in.

Her solution was to use the Active Release Technique on my hamstrings and glutes, and holy cow. It was excruciating. It felt like her fingers were going on a treasure hunt in between the fibers of my muscles. I mean, she was DIGGING into me. I'm actually surprised she didn't tear through to the other side of my leg because it sure felt like she was going to.

The stiffness in the backs of my legs has almost completely vanished and for that I am so thankful! Sure, I think I'm developing massive bruises on my lower body, but that's to be expected when your butt is treated like pizza dough for almost 30 minutes.
Praying that all systems are go for Saturday and that I have a strong, fun 13.1 miles. We're less than 48 hours away from the starting gun and I've had a nervous stomach all week. Just talking about the race to my co-workers and just seeing Facebook updates from the Monumental Marathon folks makes my tummy do a flip flop. 

Whenever I'm nervous or anxious, I feel like I, um ... need to use the bathroom. I know that's a horribly gross overshare, but imagine feeling like that for an entire week? I took Joey for a walk this evening and of course starting thinking about the race. I seriously almost had to turn around and book it back to the house because I thought I was about to have a "situation".

That's one thing I don't understand about my body: It's my understanding that anxiety is all part of that fight or flight response thing we're born with, and the adrenaline we generate when we feel "threatened" is essentially energy to help us run away. Not sure why my adrenaline only creates the need to use the bathroom or how that's useful for fleeing ... or staying to fight.

Well, I guess no one wants to fight the girl that pooped her pants. I have that going for me.

Good luck to my friends and family who will be in Indy running with me on Saturday. Say a quick prayer to God, Harry Potter, Bernie Sanders, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (or whoever you may believe in) and ask that we stay safe and rock this thing out!


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