Adios, 29!

Hey, it's fall! I know that it has technically been fall for the past few weeks, but this weekend is when it first really started to FEEL like fall. Does that make sense?

And hey, today is the last day of my 20s, a thought that only occurred to me a few hours ago. So really, I squandered the last day of my 20s because I finally managed to block out the feelings of impending doom and temporarily forgot.

So in case you're wondering how I'm now handing those feelings ...

Well, this is a horrifying look into the future. Let's not show this to Clayton, ok?

I'm kidding. Totally kidding. While I am bummed to see the youthful number 2 drop off the front of my age, it IS just a number. And as cliché as that moment of clarity is, it's true. Worrying and being sad about turning 30 won't make me any less 30. Most people I know are older than 30, and they're fabulous.

And you know what's far worse than turning 30? People who are in denial that they're 30 and keep trying to look, act, and dress like they're still in high school. I'm looking at you, Regina George's mother.

This weekend Clayton and I devoted a ridiculous amount of time to deep-cleaning our house. And when I say "deep-cleaning" I mean deep-cleaning. We pulled the stove away from the wall to scrub off the grime that accumulated on the sides, we washed practically every linen in the house, and we paid carpet cleaners to clean and deodorize the carpet in our living room. (The previous home owners let their dog pee indoors on a pad and well, the pad wasn't all that absorbent. The stain it left behind is atrocious and the carpet cleaners only managed to lighten it at best.)

Being in a spankin' clean home is cathartic and I can breathe easy knowing my 30s will begin with a fresh start.

I also tried a new recipe this weekend and made a breakfast bake that I saw in a video on Facebook (mini recipe videos are my new favorite thing). It's essentially a breakfast quiche baked over buttermilk biscuits, and who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

We used pork sausage and chopped green peppers in our version. I wanted to use turkey sausage but I swear, the look Clayton gave me when I made the suggestion? It was like I asked him if I could use rat poop. That man feels that way about his breakfast meats as I do about cake. But it turned out great, and it's basically fool-proof. Plus, it made so much we had it for dinner two nights in a row.

Thankfully this past week was a fall-back week for my half marathon training, so I only had to run 8 miles on Saturday (I know, I know! Saying "only" 8 miles sounds pretentious, but seriously, it was a real treat.) I knocked out my run fast and early and was back home to start cleaning by 11 am.

This sounds like the saddest weekend ever. But it wasn't, I promise. Sunday we spent some time at the in-law's to celebrate Grandma's and my birthdays (October babies RULE!). We had white chicken chili, 2 different kinds of cake, and presents.

We've got lots of fun stuff planned over the next few days because hey, it's a celebration. I'll fill you in on all the details on Monday.

Wish me luck! 30, here I come!


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