Selfie Scavenger Hunt

I'm pretty narcissistic about my birthday. I mean, it's kind of the point of a birthday, right? I'm definitely the girl who will sit within arm's reach of the remote and ask Clayton to hand it to me because, "It's my birthday ...."

So in honor of my 30th birthday, we hosted a Selfie Scavenger Hunt. The name is pretty explanatory: I made my friends take pictures of themselves at random locations around town that all had to do with, you guessed it, ME.

We divided our friends into 3 teams and had them meet at our house so everyone got a fair start. They drew cards to see who got to leave the house first and as each team prepared to depart, we gave them their list of clues. They had to go to each location and take a group selfie in front of that building or place with the requirement that everyone had to be in the picture and it couldn't be taken from the car. The first team to finish the scavenger hunt and show up at a the designated restaurant was the winner and got a free round of drinks. 

Biggest takeaway from the scavenger hunt: My friends are competitive.

Like I mentioned earlier, each "clue" in the Selfie Scavenger Hunt was about me and my life in Bloomington. Locations included my very first solo apartment, my first Big Girl job, the pet store, and the book store.

Everyone finished SO FAST. I hesitated to put more than 6 clues on the list because I was worried it would take too long, but the teams beat us to the restaurant! I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to witness everyone rushing in (they were all seriously neck-and-neck), but everyone seemed like they had a good time and that was all that mattered to me. :)

Other birthday festivities included my mom and sister coming down for a birthday dinner which was incredibly special because I haven't spent my actual birthday with both of them since, gosh, maybe high school? Between college and professional careers and not living in the same city, it's difficult to spend a weekday together. I was so happy and appreciative they came to spend this special birthday with me!

My mom brought me the FANTABULOUS cupcakes pictured above. They're from Flying Cupcakes in Greenwood, Indiana and I'm not exaggerating (not even a little) when I say that it was the BEST vanilla buttercream I've ever had. The cupcakes were massive, too! There were two left over after we all had one ... and I ate both the leftover cupcakes the next day. #notsorry

My sister stayed the night in Bloomington and I took the day off of work so we cold spent all of Thursday together. We went shopping and wine tasting in Nashville, Indiana and then grabbed lunch at Big Woods Quaff On! We had such a great time together. Like, I can't even fully describe it.

It's like spending the day with your best girlfriend. But this best girlfriend knows your entire life because she's been with you since day 1.

Okay, I guess that's the perfect way to describe it.

I think I had a total of 4 different cakes/cupcakes over the week of my birthday (still not enough cake though), but sugar wasn't the only ongoing theme of the week. During each mini celebration I felt overwhelmingly loved and that's what made turning 30 so special.

Thank you all!