Weekend Recap

This weekend had me yearning for fall and based on the amount of leaves crunching under my feet as I tackled Saturday's long run, it's definitely close.

I associate autumn weather with lots of rain (I feel like it always rains the week of my birthday) and Friday night we had a strong thunderstorm while we slept. Joey got nervous and came to my side of the bed, but was too anxious to sit still and ended up getting tangled in my iPhone's charger cord. I spent several minutes fumbling in the dark, trying to unwrap my frantic beagle and was laughing so hard, I can't believe I didn't wake Clayton.

Clayton worked the football game on Saturday (that makes him sound like a prostitute), so once again I spent the day cleaning and running errands. I had a tiring 10 mile run that morning that actually ended up being only 9.5 miles since I was crying (don't ask), and to cheer myself I decided to bake cupcakes for my new co-workers.

My marketing team jokingly told me that all new people are required to bring in baked goods during their first 90 days, and the joke's on them because I flippin' love to bake. It's not a chore for me. It's delightful.

So I bought my first can of pumpkin for the season and made Pumpkin Spice cupcakes (though according to Cassie at Back to her Roots, it's super easy to make your own pumpkin puree). They turned out beautiful! I sampled one right out of the oven (because DUH) and they were super moist and delicious.

I'm a huge fan of cream cheese icing and an even bigger fan of whipped icing, so I was excited to finally use the Whipped Cream Cheese icing recipe I found on Pinterest (does saying I found something on Pinterest surprise anyone any more? It's probably a given at this point. But no really, what did people do before Pinterest?).

You know how some people's hearts skip a beat when they see their beloved? That's how I feel about frosting.

And sometimes my husband.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to recreate a more perfect piping swirl. That's why we document things in pictures.

On Sunday evening, Clayton and I went to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater to see the final performance of the Cardinal Stage Company's Of Mice and Men. Like most Americans, I read John Steinbeck's novella in high school, but very little of it stuck with me. I remembered something about a mouse in a pocket, a glove full of Vaseline, and the feeling that something sad happens.

Um, yes, Courtney. LOTS of sad things happen, actually.

This is the first play that I have cried through from almost start to finish. Like, inconsolable crying. Clayton glanced over at me during the first act when Candy's dog ... you know ... and he saw a big fat crocodile tear threatening to roll down my cheek. Whenever an actor yelled or exclaimed, I used it as my opportunity to quickly sniffle.

But during the final act, I couldn't keep it in. The front of my shirt was wet. I ugly cried through the last hour. Ugly cried out of the theater. Ugly cried on the walk to the car. And then ugly cried all the way to Dairy Queen.

I was equal parts embarrassed and too overwhelmed to care who saw me.

That story hit me hard. Everyone's dreams were crushed (literally). And at one point I told Clayton that I wasn't sure how I was going to sleep that night because I was so overwrought with emotion. He looked at me very poignantly and paraphrased comedian John Mulaney: "Just keep all of your emotions bottled up and then one day ... you'll die."

I laughed for a solid five minutes. God created the perfect man for me, I swear.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and have some fun stuff planned for the upcoming week. I already have my weeknights booked with watching softball, half marathon training, the DVD release of Pitch Perfect 2 (Holla!) and a wine date with one of my besties.

I'll leave you with a picture of Joey being Joey. Talk to you soon!