Labor Day Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

I mean TUESDAY. Happy Tuesday. 3-day weekends always throw me off. You'd think that having a Monday holiday would make the following week feel shorter, but it never does. Today feels like Monday. 

How was your long weekend? Mine was great! I feel like I was productive, but I have very little physical evidence to show for it ... other than a spankin' clean house and a GORGEOUS apple pie sitting in the fridge. 

Clayton took a side job as part of IU's Event Staff and spent most of Saturday at the football game. Why anyone would take a part-time job over the weekend if he doesn't have to is beyond me, but Clayton generally loves being around sports. So believe it or not, this doesn't feel like work to him. At all. He was EXCITED about working 8 hours on Saturday. EXCITED. 

So needless to say, I was by myself for most of Saturday (which I didn't love, but hey, what can you do?). I ran 6 miles early in the morning before it got too bloody hot and then spent the late morning and early afternoon cleaning the house and running errands. When I got back home, I still had a solid 4 hours to kill before my husband returned, so I baked an apple pie from scratch because ... boredom. 

The pie turned out so pretty, I couldn't even deal. I took like, 50 pictures of it and I'm surprised I didn't actually take a selfie with it. 

That night we watched a Kristen Wiig flick on Netflix called Welcome to Me (The verdict? Delightfully weird. Clay and I love indie flicks.) and cashed in somewhat early. 

Side note: I keep feeling like I want/need the following haircut because I think Kristen Wiig and I have the same hair texutre. So I need that one good friend who can talk me out of side bangs: "But Courtney, you're far too lazy to expend the energy necessary to style them every morning and will inevitably end up clipping them back and praying for them to grow out." Thank you, friend.

But I would like that smokey eye. Please and thank you!

Sunday we took a road trip to Southern Indiana to check out Winzerwald Winery, a quaint German winery in Bristow, Indiana that's also part of the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail. We went there specifically to buy a few bottles of their Cranberry wine, but guess what? It was sold out. They had a half bottle left in the tasting room, so I at least got to have a few sips and avoided a mental breakdown. 

Anyone who reads this blog or knows me at all knows that I physically cannot stomach sweet wine (I swear, it's like liquid heart burn), but Winzerwald's Cranberry Weisser is the exception. I've tried other cranberry wines, but their blend carries a heavier tartness that almost totally negates the sweetness. I love tart and sour flavors, so this wine is darn near perfect!

They had one display bottle of their Cranberry in a festive Christmas tree-shaped bottle, but Clayton said it would be rude of me to ask if it was for sale. I didn't agree with him, but I listened anyway.

After sampling other wines (many that I loved! I highly recommend their Traimentte), we drove another half hour or so and ended up in French Lick. We visited their winery for the thousandth time, I gave Clay a mini tour of West Baden, and we dined on pork tenderloin sandwiches at the resort. Our mini road trip turned into a lovely day.

(I snuck in a 4-mile walk on Sunday morning before we left town. It was already blazing hot.)

Monday of course was Labor Day, so we decided not to labor at all. We slept in, hit the gym, and then spent the afternoon watching episodes of Inside Amy Schumer on Hulu. Inside Amy Schumer isn't available on Xfinity's On Demand, so earlier in the month I signed up for a free Hulu Plus trial (we have an app for it on our TV) and then forgot to cancel it  ... so now we have it for a whole month. Then I discovered that Hulu Plus carries all 9 seasons of the Real Housewives of Orange County and now I never need to leave my house ever again.