Weekend recap

Here we are, another weekend come and gone. Another week of summer down the drain. Another week closer to winter.

(I was just about to add "and another week closer to death", but that's a bit dramatic, even for me.)

Our weekend was great! I crossed another small to-do off my last ditch effort to enjoy the remaining days of summer: Eat outside on the patio of a restaurant. In fact, I got to do that twice this week (I've always been an overachiever). I met my dear friend Emily for dinner last Wednesday, and then Clay and I met up with her and Dan for dinner on Friday. It was gorgeous on Friday!

It was the perfect weather for a post-dinner stroll on campus.

I was about to go crazy and cross yet another item off my summer list on Sunday, but as soon as I put on my bikini and packed a beach bag for the community pool, a giant thunderstorm rolled in.

So I took a nap instead.

Clayton and I tried our best to be productive this weekend. The red trim on our house is fading in the sun and turning um, pink, so we decided it was time to lug out the paint brushes and finally fix it. The red trim never bothered me as much as it bothered Clayton, but once I saw that it appears fuchsia in photos, I knew it had to go. My aunt actually thought we purposely picked that color and I can't stomach people thinking I actively chose to have a pink house.

We painted most of the trim in under two hours, but then realized that the ladder we had was too short to reach the space above our garage and had to stop. Clayton is afraid of heights and wasn't too keen on climbing on the roof to paint, so I told him to let me do it since I used to climb on the roof of our house all the time. Then I got on the roof and panicked and he had to climb up to help me ... and then he panicked. Then we sat on the roof panicking together for a solid 10 minutes.

So we're having someone come finish the job for us.

In the meantime, our trim is half white and half red. We look half ridiculous.

On Sunday morning I went for a very humid long run and I'm almost embarrassed by how slow it was. However, I completed the whole thing without passing out and actually felt like I could have kept going ... and sometimes that's all you can ask for. I listened to Josh Sneed's latest comedy album, so I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish.

I really, really enjoy documentaries and Neflix never has a shortage of films I'm interested in saving to my queue. On Saturday afternoon I started watching Fed Up, a documentary about the obesity epidemic and the food industry's role. If you have any kind of interest in your general health or your family's, I highly recommend watching it. It was actually pretty scary. And as someone who devoted her professional career to marketing, it made me hyper aware of the messages I could potentially help create.

The documentary recalls the prevalence of smoking advertisements and how the industry used to glamorize the use tobacco products (and oftentimes used celebrity endorsers). Several decades later, we're much more educated on the dangers of smoking and look back on those ads like, "What were we thinking? It's absurd to think that was okay!" Someday we'll (hopefully) be thinking the same thing about today's commercials and ads for sugar.

I told Clayton all about the documentary and what I learned ... and the very next day he brought me home cookies ...

... and I ate them because, AMURICA!

I hope your weekend was great and that your week is off to a lovely start!