Summer send-off

As you all (hopefully) know, this weekend was the beginning of August and I may or may not have had a small panic attack over the fast-approaching end of summer. Seriously, where did the summer go? I looked back on the past 2 months and realized that we did very little by the way of summer activities. Aside from one long weekend in Chicago and a boat trip with my co-workers, I just lived life like a normal person ... not a person who was trying to enjoy the crap out of the warm weather.

We were too busy to go to the fair last week. I haven't gotten a chance to layout in my backyard and read a book. I haven't had a bonfire. We didn't go to the drive-in. Nadda. I haven't even eaten a s'more!

I'm a summer disgrace.

In an attempt to squeeze the most I can out of the remaining weeks of summer, I asked Clayton to go kayaking with me after work today. The weather was beautiful and I would kick myself if I squandered the opportunity to be outside (I'm always outside running or doing yard work, but never to just relax).

While out on the water, I let the sunshine warm my face and soaked up the sounds of the lake. We heard birds chirping, fish occasionally splashing at the surface, and people laughing in the distance. Today I reconnected with nature on a spiritual level ...

... and remembered that I am deathly afraid of seaweed.

And just my luck, this particularly lake is full of seaweed. Seaweed as far as the eye can see. Seaweed that is so tall and dense, it scrapes the bottom of your kayak and you can't help but picture yourself tipping over and getting so entangled in it, no one ever finds your body.

I actually gagged out of fear. Gagged.

I've always had an issue with seaweed which is kind of problematic because I'm definitely a lake kind of girl and actually lived on a lake for several years. My dad has a speedboat and spending afternoons on the lake and tubing was part of my regular summer repertoire through my early teens. But I vividly remember freaking out if even the tiniest piece of seaweed brushed against my toe and spastically trying to pull myself back on my raft. And it wasn't the fear of getting caught in it so much as the simple fact that seaweed is just like, totally ICKY. Such a gross sensation. Tendrils of slimy seaweed touching my body? I can't.

So ya, I was a little uncomfortable today. My heart was racing and not just from paddling.

But we had a lovely time. For almost an hour, we were the only 2 people out on the lake and had Clayton's kayak not been taking on water, it would have been romantic.

What are you doing to enjoy the remaining weeks of summer?