Courtney Confessions

1.) This isn't a popular opinion and I recognize that the following statement could get me deported, but here it goes anyway ...

... I do not like Minions.

At all. I think they're obnoxious. And let's be honest, they look like Twinkies with sprigs of pubic hair.

2.) The quickest way to get me to NOT click on your article or video clip is to put phrases in the title that include things like "You won't believe what happens next" or "what happens next will shock you" or "what you're about to see will shake the foundation of your very being and you won't be able to eat or leave the house for 2 weeks because you will be so emotionally suffocated by the knowledge that nothing else you will ever experience will even come close to what you're about to see". In short, don't use any kind of wording that alludes to the fact that my mind will be blown or that my world will be flipped upside-down. It's painfully obvious click-bait. Even worse? It's lazy journalism.

If you want me to click your link, just put "Click for puppies." Even if your article has nothing to do with puppies, just put it in the title. Trust me.

3.) I saw this recipe for mint Oreo brownies on Pinterest (because where else would I spend my time?) and found myself wondering where the mint flavoring comes from. Logic will tell you that it's from mint extract, but me? The honest-to-goodness first thought that popped into my head was: "Toothpaste." #ImadetheDeanslistonce

4.) I've taken to washing my hair every 2-3 days instead of every day like I used to. (Unless of course I get ridiculously sweaty or someone spills white paint in my hair while we're painting the trim on our house ... Clayton.) My hair is so fine that my freshly washed tresses are too silky to work with. I actually can't comfortably wear my hair down until it builds up a day or two of grease. Is that gross? It's gross. It's almost as gross as this meme. (P.S. This is the meme I email Clayton when I'm trying to flirt.)

Hope you're having a great week!