What I'm Pinning

Last night I logged onto Pinterest for the first time in MONTHS (okay, more like 6 weeks) and nearly stopped breathing because I was so overwhelmed by all of the cute, amazing things. It was like a drug addict finding a hidden stash of meth right after getting clean: I just wanted a taste, but quickly found myself on a pinning bender. Clayton later found me wandering around the neighborhood, disheveled and muttering to myself about no-bake cookies and DIY bookshelves.

Here are some of the pins I went the most nuts over this week:

I sent this tutorial to my sister law and all but demanded we make these together. I've had a love affair with macarons for the past few years (they're like, the most visually appealing cookie EVA) and yet, I never had the opportunity to try one until I attended a wedding this past May. That's right, I was a macaron virgin until just this year. And you know what? It changed my palate. It changed my life. They're so dainty and light and UNGH!!!! SO GOOD. 

I pinned this photo simply because I really needed the reminder these past few weeks. Running in the summer heat, #thestruggleisreal.

I'm not a huge jewelry person (except when it comes to diamonds. Please give me diamonds), but I do love a beautiful necklace. Subtle and understated is the name of my fashion game, and this Midnight Sunstone pendant fits the bill. 

I finally learned the origins of sprinkles. Now I can stop wondering.

While I'm definitely loving having shorter locks right now, I can't even begin to express how much I miss being able to throw my hair up into a messy bun (especially in this July heat!). Clayton always gave me "that look" whenever I'd pile my long hair on top of my head, but I didn't care. It was my absolutely favorite and most comfortable way to style my hair. 

This tutorial takes a little bit more effort than just scooping your strands up with a hair tie, but I'm desperate.

What were some of your favorite pins this week?

Happy Friday!