Weekly Updates

I don't even know what kind of beer this is.

How is it seriously Thursday already? Rather, how is it almost midnight on Thursday?

WOOOOOSH! That's the sound of this week going by.

So how is/was your week? Mine has been a blur, but good. Since we didn't get a chance to talk much, I figured now would be a good chance to catch up.

A few updates:

I went for a run this morning before work and was like, angry that the sun was beating down on my shoulders. Why? Because I've gotten used to crummy weather. Today is the first day it DIDN'T rain in about a thousand years. This has been the wettest, most mild summer I can remember. (Is "wettest" a word? It looks funny. Regardless, I refuse to use the word moist to describe this summer.)

P.S. I'm wearing a sweater and scarf in July. This isn't right!

I got a new cell phone case and that's not really news to anyone except me and my iPhone. Cell phone cases are one of those things that I always get on the cheap ... which is good because cell phone cases are also one of those things that I constantly get bored with. (I change my clothes every day, why should my phone have to wear the same outfit all the time?) I got this semi-transparent case with mountains from ebay for exactly $.99 (and that's with shipping). It took about 2 weeks to get here from China, but s**t it was $.99! (<----Macklemore)

Our neighborhood is currently overrun with rabbits, toads and bats. I took Joey on a late night stroll earlier in the week and while trying to dodge a toad I didn't see on the sidewalk until it was almost too late, it got caught at the end of my flip flop causing me to accidentally kick it at Joey ... who then proceeded to stomp on it with his paws. Then the toad rolled into the grass.

I met my dear friend Brittany for lunch at The Owlrey, which is quite possibly my favorite downtown Bloomington restaurant. The Owlrey is a vegetarian eatery with lots of vegan options, and I go absolutely bananas over their grilled vegetable sandwich and sweet potato fries (they use a non-dairy cheese that actually melts!). I ordered it for lunch with Brittany and then a co-worker I split it for lunch the very next day. Working downtown is a massive drain on my wallet.

Clayton and I also did something a little out of the ordinary, but it's pretty darn exciting and I think it deserves its own blog post. So stay tuned for that!

(And for the love of Pete, it's not a baby.)