Weekend Recap

Posting a weekend recap on a Tuesday kind of suggests that Monday was part of my weekend. I wish that was the case, but no. I couldn't blog last night because at around 7:30 pm we were hit with a nasty thunderstorm that knocked out our electricity for almost 3 hours.

So I did what any girl in my position would do, I had my husband manually open the garage door so I could go to Kohl's. 

See? I'd definitely survive in a national disaster. People would be panicking and screaming and I'd be like, "Duh! Let's just to the mall."

The reason I feel like I didn't get a ton of weekend is because I was mostly home by myself. As I mentioned last week, we had a few exciting things happen around our household and one of those things is that Clayton got a new car. (I'm not sure why he didn't love driving my hand-me-down, 15 year-old gold Dodge Stratus, but whatever.)

We sold the Stratus and after what felt like weeks and weeks of searching, he finally made a decision (and ended up buying the car I originally suggested to him, but that's neither here nor there ... #wifeyknowsbest).

The Stratus ran just fine and we weren't in dire need of purchasing a new vehicle, but I know that he didn't feel particularly masculine or cool driving around in his wife's old car. Clayton just asks so little of everyone (especially me) and I really wanted him to have something that made him happy. 

We bought the car used and it checked out great with a mechanic, but it's not a brand new vehicle and didn't come in perfect shape. On Friday night, Clayton took the entire instrument panel off the car because the speedometer and gas needle didn't work. 

See, I didn't even know you could do that kind of thing on your own, but there was my husband, sitting at the kitchen counter until all hours of the night and soldering things. I was beyond impressed. 

I don't even know what 99% of this is.

Then on Saturday, Clay wanted to take care of his squeaky breaks and what should have been a few hour projected wound up taking 2 days because things kept breaking and he was sent all over God's green earth looking for parts. He took my car to drive around town and I was left to my own devices. I was bored, but I mostly felt terrible that he was so frustrated and exhausted. (But again, I was so impressed! Not gonna lie, watching him work on his car kind of does it for me. #TMI)

I did have the opportunity to get out of the house for a little bit on Saturday night and went to Oliver Winery to hang out with some special gals I haven't seen in OVER 10 YEARS. Jessica, one of my friends from high school, is getting hitched this summer and her loved ones brought her to Bloomington for her bachelorette party. I honestly don't think I've seen Jessica since graduation and it was beyond amazing to catch-up with her and other ladies that I've only communicated with via Facebook for the last decade. It was so much fun and I am so glad I was invited! I'm also beyond thrilled that everyone is doing so well and is so happy. :)

This weekend's humidity was like, 1,000% and to say it was hot and disgusting is a gross understatement. I tried to wake up early on Saturday morning to get in my long run (hey, 9:00 a.m. is super early for me), but I just didn't get out there soon enough. I only made it 3.5 miles before I threw in the towel. Remember last week when I lamented about how terrible I am at listening to my body? Well, I did a great job listening to my body this weekend. It was easy: When I was so hot and dehydrated I stopped sweating, I stopped running. Good for me, right?

I tried for a longer run on Sunday and barely got through 5 miles. It was slightly less humid, but still not the safest weather for a runner (or anyone doing any kind of physical activity outside). I should have stuck to the treadmill, but I wanted to  put no a tank top and even out my farmer's tan. The run was slow and definitely didn't feel amazing, but I got it done. I hate to say this, but I'm really looking forward to fall and winter running. I've said it once and I'll likely say it a thousand more times: I am not built for running in the heat!

And now it's time to end this post the same way I ended my weekend: With a beagle photo shoot!