And today makes 12

I'm pretty sure a week is the longest I've ever gone without blogging and for that, I am ashamed.

I just haven't felt extremely motivated to write anything for myself because I'm busy writing for other people (#thehumblebrag).

And right now I'm tired, hot and hungry which means it's time to take a nap.

Only I can't take a nap because the guy who lives behind us decided that THIS moment was the perfect moment to start mowing his lawn and I can't nap when there's excess outside noise and our walls are apparently insulated with rice paper because I swear I can even hear the bunny that lives in our backyard hopping around and it makes me so angry, I just end up laying in bed completely miffed that my neighbor has the audacity to care for this lawn after working a full 8-hour day while I'm so lazy I can't even be bothered to take off my work clothes before I crawl into bed to take a power nap because I don't have the energy to live my life ... let alone try to mow my own lawn.

Grumpy. I am also grumpy.

But I did want to post a little something-something because today marks 12 years that Clayton and I have been together. 12 years ago I decided that "Yup, this is it for me. This is my person." And I have never looked back.

Of course dating anniversaries don't mean that much once you're married and can start stockpiling wedding anniversaries, but it's still a special day that should at least be recognized.

Me this morning: "Hey, we started dating exactly 12 years ago today."

Clayton: "There are 12 doughnuts in a Baker's Dozen."

Like I said, this is my person.