A Memorial Day/Birthday/Wedding weekend recap

Last week I wrote about my tendency to scratch my corneas when taking my contact lenses out. This week I have an eye infection that requires $70 eye drops. Apparently anything I write about comes to fruition.

So I'd like to find $10,000.


Bacterial eye infections aside, it was a BUSY 3-day weekend.

Saturday happened to be my beloved's 29th birthday (he's finally as decrepit as me!) and it also happened to be his cousin's wedding day. So we more or less spent Clayton's birthday in the car driving 3+ hours to Valparaiso and back in one day.

But it was totally worth it because the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and his cousin Danielle was an exquisite bride. It was one of the prettiest weddings that I've ever attended and an open bar doesn't hurt anybody.

I love Danielle. She's probably one of the sweetest people on the planet and her and Ed deserve all of the happiness in the world!

I tried to make Clay's unconventional birthday as special as possible, so before waking him up bright and early for our wedding road trip, I put out his presents and a plate of special doughnuts from Rainbow Bakery.

Then we hopped in the car with Mitch and Molly and hit the road!

We drove North and went through Lafayette, a mid-sized Indiana town that has thousands of acres of giant windmills that conserve an insane amount of energy. The sight of hundreds of giant wind turbines is both fascinating and creepy.

During the hours between the wedding ceremony and reception, we did some light shopping and stopped at a restaurant in Valparaiso called the Industrial Revolution that had extremely patriotic decor as well as the most amazing pulled pork nachos ever. We tasted some local brew and took our time getting to know a new city.

We crammed a lot into one day and it was absolutely exhausting, but we always have a great time with Mitch and Molly. I feel very blessed to be close to them.

I wish this picture was better quality because it's amazing. Plus, Molly and I wore the exact same colors in our dresses because good taste obviously runs in our family. 

Sunday and Monday was more or less Clayton's birthday celebration and on Sunday afternoon we hosted his parents, Mitch and Molly, two grandmothers and an aunt for cake and ice cream. Clayton requested my chocolate cake with cookie dough icing once again, so you've all more or less seen this same cake before. It doesn't make it any less yummy, but Clayton is a creature of habit.

We spent Memorial Day with Dan and Emily and headed North once again, this time on a much shorter road trip to Indianapolis. We spent the rainy, windy day at the Indianapolis Zoo and weather conditions were perfect for active animals. I finally had the opportunity to see the orangutan exhibit, but I was so enrapt by what I was seeing, I plumb forgot to take any pics. I was face-to-face with a rather sleepy orangutan, but still couldn't be bothered to reach for my cell phone (I guess you could say I was too busy living in the moment for once). I could have stayed and watched them for hours!

But I did snap plenty of pics of other creatures. I know I posted pics of this zoo's tigers and elephants in the last year or so, but who doesn't love looking at animals you don't get to see every day? We also toured the butterfly garden which was beautiful and serene ... so long as the butterflies didn't land on you. Because then you'll get in trouble for touching the butterflies even though the butterflies were technically touching you and there's nothing you can do about it because you aren't allowed to touch them. It's all very confusing.

Guess what my favorite part of the day was?

Fact: Flamingos are actually drama queens. 

 This little guy tried to lean against the rocks to avoid the rain and he blends in quite well!

 This shark repeatedly made his rounds in the tank and loved being touched so much, 
he'd spring out of the water in an attempt to be closer to you. I did not like this. 

Clayton's arm right before he got scolded for touching a butterfly that landed on him.

And I discovered that the meerkat is my spirit animal ...

... because wait for it ...

... there.

We capped off our day in Indy with dinner at Giordano's. Clayton has been obsessed with the idea of going to this place since it opened in February and his wish finally came true! Stuffed pizza takes about 60 minutes to cook, but when you have good beer and great friends, the time flies. And the pizza? No words. Eating more than one slice of this massive beast of a pizza pie is so unnecessary, but soooooo unbelievably good.

We ordered half some kind of Meat Lovers and half Extreme Veggie. Between the four of us, we only had two pieces of pizza left and the take-home box easily weighed 5 pounds. For just two pieces!

I feel like I've rambled on forever, but that's my long weekend in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day, too!