Pre-Race stress dreams

Dream World isn't always a happy place. 

On Sunday morning, my good friend Maria sent me a text to tell me that she had a crazy half marathon dream in which she couldn't find a parking spot and missed the start of the race. This struck a major chord with me because I suffer from some pretty bizarre stress dreams in the weeks leading up to big races.

These dreams are so commonplace for me, I never thought they were wroth mentioning. However, Maria's text inspired me to share some of my most memorable dreams with Clayton, and he quickly confirmed that they're weird and that I'm weird.

And a lot of them involve Oprah.

Never in my half marathon stress dreams have I ever finished the actual race. Sometimes the dreams start in the moments leading up to the start of the race, but most of the time I suddenly find myself in the middle of the half marathon, trying desperately to get to the finish line.

One of the landscapes from my dreams follows me from year to year. I find it both strange and quite fascinating that I've run the same half marathon course in more than one dream and I recognize it as the same course because it's not an average, every day road race. It's my understanding that roads paved with blue hills and rainbow clouds aren't that common.

Sometimes my stress dreams are majorly well, stressful. Especially the week before I ran my first full marathon and dreamed that the race took place on a circular indoor track and if you lost count of your laps, you had to start over.

I've also run several half marathons in Oprah's backyard. So many races in fact, I'm considering calling the woman herself and asking her if she has a ball pit filled with hamsters because I sure as heck have been in it if she does.

Also, several of my races have obstacles .... like ball pits filled with hamsters.

And trying to run through a library while being really, really quiet because ya know, a library.

One of the worst dreams I've ever had was when I was super late getting to a race and it took me forever to pick up my race bib. When I finally got through registration and made it to the starting line (which was actually a tunnel slide and pretty darn awesome now that I think about it), I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes.

Clearly I'm not the only one who has stress dreams about running. I actually have stress dreams about a lot of things (the month before my wedding was horrible! I dreamed that 20 girls showed up to be my bridesmaids instead of 4 and I had to have them fight for a spot American Gladiators style). I still have a reoccurring dream that I'm in college, finishing my final semester before graduation and I suddenly realize that there was a class on my schedule that I never, ever went to.

What are some of your weirdest stress dreams?