My week in pictures

I've been trying to get used to my new watch in squeezing in a few more precious runs before the Indy Mini in less than 2 weeks!

I found yet another fabulous recipe from and made Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers!

I went for a short walk one afternoon and was saddened when I came across this broken robin's egg. Unfortunately, this is not the first one I've seen this spring.

I met a girlfriend for a beer after work one night and was a few minutes late because I stopped to take pictures of a bunny.

Softball season started this week! Clayton and his team went into extra innings and played late into the night, but they pulled out the win.

I love walking. I always use one of my cross-training days to do nothing but walk to my heart's content. The weather was kinda chilly and poopy that night, so I stayed on the treadmill.

We're starting to get our yard ready for the spring and summer months. We've already purchased flowers and they pair nicely with the cute owl figurine my mom bought for me.

I tried my hand at Hasselback potatoes. They're like classy French fries ... that kind of look like fat garden slugs.

Joey and I had plenty of riveting conversations this week. I caught him mid-sentence in this one.

Like I said, we have flowers! I'm so in love with these soft pink dahlias!

Our hostas went from 0-green in about a week.

And I was so surprised (and delighted) to see that our lilies are coming back this year!

We hosted a show at our gallery in honor of this weekend's Little 500 and had a live graffiti demonstration.

How was your week?