Mirror mirror

 This mirror is pretty, but I get mad every time I look at it. 

Fun fact about yours truly: I hate throwing away money. I mean, I'm sure that no one actually likes watching money go down the drain, but knowing that I've wasted precious dollar bills can send me into a blind rage.

Example: Sometimes I look in my closet and am disgusted with myself when I start adding up how much moola I've dropped on clothes that I stopped wearing after a few months. This is exactly why you should never invest good money in fleeting trends. Buy trendy items cheap and focus on classic pieces that never go out of style. Classic pieces, people!

But I digress ...

During the winter Clay and I focused on a few small home projects, one being to replace the mirror in our guest bathroom. We already painted the walls, replaced the vanity light and purchased a sassy new soap pump, so why not add a stylish framed mirror to really tie everything together?

We found a white framed mirror that we really liked at Menard's (if you don't have a Menard's in your area, it's a home improvement store that's slightly less expensive than Lowe's or Home Depot), but it was $70 and way more than we were wanting to spend at the time. The other home improvement stores didn't have anything cheaper that we liked, so we went to Wal-Mart as a last ditch effort. 

Freakin' Wal-Mart.

We found a comparable mirror of the same size, but for only $30. It was a bronze mirror, but Clayton is really good at painting and said he could paint it white in absolutely no time. Including the cost of spray paint, we spent a total of $35 and were feeling pretty smug about our thriftiness. 

But we were a little surprised when we got home and discovered that the wall mirror (I can't emphasize the wall part enough) didn't have any mounts attached to um, hang it on the wall.

Freakin' Wal-Mart.

Luckily my husband's hella handy and after doing a beautiful job of panting the mirror, he installed mounts and wiring so we could hang that puppy up in our bathroom.

It looked fantastic!

Until it fell down the first time.

And then the second time.

And then the third time.

It's the darnest thing: The wall mirror is too heavy to actually hang on the wall! In fact, this wall mirror is so poorly equipped to live life on a wall the mounts actually ripped off the back of the mirror. It is 100% completely un-hangable. The wall mirror rejects the wall.

And we can't return the bronze mirror because the bronze mirror is now white.

After the mirror ripped off the wall for the third time, I had to excuse myself to go outside and kick grass for a few minutes because I couldn't even deal. (It's a good thing that Wal-Mart sells cotton balls and deodorant for cheap or I would vow to never set foot in there again.)

So we ended up going back to Menard's to buy the original framed white mirror for $70. But now instead of only spending $70, we actually spent $105 in total and ...

... I can't ...

... I can't even ... 

Does anyone want a gently used wall mirror that forgot how to be a wall mirror?