Easter recap

Imagine my surprise (and pure embarrassment) when I awoke on Easter Sunday thinking, "He's risen!" only to discover that I seriously strained or pulled a muscle in my butt cheek the previous day while BOWLING.

That's right, I hurt myself ... bowling.

I bowled so hard, I injured my butt. And I didn't even bowl well. In fact, I bowled terribly. How sad is that? I hurt myself trying to come in last place.

But it was totally worth it.

Clayton and I switch which side of the family we spend the holidays with and this year was his parents' turn to host us on Easter Sunday, so we spent Saturday up in Greenwood with my mom, sister and boyfriend.

We went bowling (where I unwittingly pulled my buttocks), had a cookout with brats on the grill, and all decided to challenge ourselves and see how much chocolate we could consume in one afternoon (which is a game that everybody wins).

And I'm not gonna lie, I totally outdid myself on my Easter cake presentation this year. LOOK AT ALL THE BUNNIES!!!!!!

I have a new favorite buttercream icing recipe that I half invented (because I'm half smart) and it's pure gold. It covered the cake like a a dreamy cloud of sugary butter, but was sturdy and unmoving. And the taste? Yowza!

Oh my gosh, why does my face look so unbelievably greasy? 
Does cake really make me sweat that much? Holy moly!

On Sunday I put an Easter basket full of chocolate in front of Clayton's face to wake him because there can never be enough candy in the house. "Oh no!" he cried groggily. "I didn't even think to get you anything."

"That's why I bought the giant chocolate bunny. Just give me half of it and we'll be even," I replied.

See? I think these things out.

I started my day with a gorgeous 3.5 mile walk in the sunshine. My body was still recovering from Saturday's 8-mile run (and bowling, apparently), so a nice stroll is just what I needed.

Speaking of Saturday's 8-mile run: It was amazing. I had so much energy that my last three miles were all in the low 8s. If I wasn't in a hurry to head north to see my mom, I probably could have cranked out another 3 or 4 miles easily! Praying this momentum carries over to race day!

We spent Easter afternoon with Clayton's immediate and extended family at his grandmother's house and enjoyed yummy food and excellent company! Afterwards, Clay and I hit the grocery store for the week (we have a pot roast finishing up in the Crock-Pot right as we speak!) and took Joey for an early evening walk. The weather was still so lovely and we were enjoying each other's company so much, we ended up walking 5 miles! Yup, that made Sunday's walking total 8.5 miles for me.

No wonder my butt hurts today.

Fact: I said "butt" 4 times in a post about Easter.

Hope you had a great Monday!