Courtney Confessions

Goodness, it's been awhile since I've done one of these. 

1.) One of the downsides of having the reputation of being afraid of giant squid is that ... people know you're afraid of giant squid. This means that my social media feed is a steady stream of "Hey, Courtney! Have you pooped your pants yet today? No? Get ready!" And if you don't think I suffer a mini stroke every time you tag me in one of these pictures, you're only kidding yourself and are completely underestimating my phobia. 


2.) I made the decision to sell my beloved Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch in favor of getting something slightly newer. The 205 has a lot of bells and whistles that I never took full advantage of and when I saw an incredible price on one of their new models, I just couldn't pass it up. I've become so meticulous about my running statistics that I'm now one of those crazy people that sees a major value in buying a watch with slightly better GPS capabilities. 

So it was with a very heavy heart that I posted my "for sale" ad, but I'm happy to report that my watch's new home will be with a gal I've known since preschool and who will definitely love Speedy as much as I did. We went on one final run this evening before I hand him off tomorrow.

Ugh, my eyes just welled with tears. I am SUCH a sap. In fact, I still get emotional when I think about my Pontiac G6 being scrapped for parts.

You can read about the beginning of Speedy's and my relationship here (And look at my old "Courtney Confessions" graphic! Ha ha ha ha ha Glad to see that my design skills have improved since then. Barely, but a little ...)

3.) I'm not handling my impending 30th birthday with nearly as much grace or dignity as I'd hoped. I know that everyone's getting older, and it's not just me, but that does very little to assuage my anxiety. Age is just a number, but that number still says, "You're no spring chicken", and the rapid passing of time keeps me awake at night.

That last confession was some heavy sh*t. Sorry.

So how's this for my final confession:

2007. DANG.

4.) One of my favorite things about the human experience is that each couple has a unique set of relationship quirks. For example, if Clay or I use a fancy word whilst in the middle of a heated argument, the other person will literally stop the conversation to say, "OMG. Good for you!" before continuing the fight. I think this speaks volumes not only about our general weirdness, but also points to the fact that our arguments are never really that serious if we can easily pause to compliment each other's vocabulary.

What odd things do you and your significant other do?