Weekend Recap

I can't believe I'm actually writing a blog post today when I have so much to do. (Procrastinate? Me? Never.) Myself and a few co-workers are traveling to Austin, Texas later this week to attend SXSW Interactive and I have yet to pack a. single. thing. They only preparations I've made for this trip was buying a backpack and refilling my anxiety medicine prescription.

But packing for a week-long, out-of-state trip can totally wait because we have a weekend to talk about!

Friday night, Clayton and I had a small evening on the town and dropped by a few of the downtown art galleries before having dinner at Buffalouie's. I definitely think that buffalo sauce should be its own food category, so I'm somewhat mad at myself for living in this city for 10 years without ever eating there. I was impressed with the food, but Clayton thought it left something to be desired. But I think that's because I was supposed to order his sandwich without onions and it came LOADED with onions and he wasted like, 15 minutes picking them off and scowling at me.

The basket of food directly to the left? Believe it or not, that's a salad. It's just hard to tell because it was covered in cheese and freshly made croutons. It was made the way all salads should be. 

Our gallery is hosting a killer show this month. If you're in the are, you should check it out! 

After getting our fill on wings and art, we curled up on the couch to watch Dumb and Dumberer To and to the shock and surprise of no one, it was stupid. Like, too stupid to watch. Only 45 minutes into the movie I got so bored that I started playing on my phone to pass the time. It is not worth the rental fee at all. And in situations like this, you can't really be too upset because come on, "dumb" is written in the title ... twice.

On Saturday morning I hit the trail for an 8.5 mile run, and it's barely worth mentioning. It's the farthest distance I've run since my last half marathon in November and it was hard. I ran it slow and was not in a good mood (it was warmer out than I expected and I definitely overdressed). The spring transition from indoor running to total outdoor running always proves difficult for me, so that's what I'm going to use as my excuse.

And I feel like I have total bragging rights now because even though my run was frustrating and not-so-good, I didn't cry. Long runs that go poorly have a history of making me cry 100% of the time, but I held it together and was quick to remind myself that this happens to me every time I train for any race; it's par for the course. Bad runs are a given, but they don't make me a bad runner. I'll give it another shot next time. That's all I can do.

Yay for personal growth!

Saturday night we had some folks over to over to play board games and eat yummy snacks. I made this amazing thing called BROWNIE BATTER DIP and when spread on salty pretzels your taste buds literally die and go to heaven. (If you're interested in modifying the recipe to be healthier, please don't. Just enjoy life for what is it: delicious.) We also had beers and I poured champagne in a glass with a little bit of Oliver Winery's Mango Honey Wine. I'm not a sweet wine fan (you guys know this!), but mixed with brut champagne (my fave!)? Perfect.


We played my favorite board game from our game closet, Smart Ass, and once again proved that I don't know geography or history, but by golly, I know fictional characters. 

Kevin even hung out in Clay's sweatshirt while we played.

I started to feel crummy late Saturday evening and spent most of Sunday feeling pretty out of it while we ran errands. Other than a scratchy throat, I didn't have any obvious physical symptoms; I just thought that lying down in the middle of the Target parking lot was a better idea than actually walking around the mall.

But I'm glad I forced myself to get up and carry on because we stopped by the jewelry store and I got my rings shined up all nice and purrrty.

See those sparkles in the background? Yeah, that's the CARPET of our jewelry store. They put big, shiny sequin-y things in the carpet fibers so that literally everything in the store sparkles and enhances the jewelry. It's quite distracting, really. It's like, "Am I here for an engagement ring or to disco the night away?" So if you ever feel like having a stroke in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, just walk in.

I was pretty exhausted early in the evening due to whatever illness this might be (that and the time change), and walking and sitting upright was a chore. However, sleep completely eluded me and despite taking a huge shot of NyQuil before bed last night, I didn't get any rest. At all. And I paid for it all day today.

Fingers crossed that I can get some good sleep and feel back to normal before I head to Texas.

I'm also trying my best not to focus on the fact that this will be the longest I've been away from Clayton since we were in high school. Ugh. :(



  1. Your weekends always sound so much more exciting than mine...not to mention way more delicious! Love the blog!


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