Training update

Let's talk about half marathon training.

Why? Because every fiber in my body is reminding me that I am right in the middle of training for my next 13.1 mile race.

I'm hungry. Constantly. And I'm not just hungry, I'm hangry. I won't sugar coat my personality for you: I am majorly unpleasant when I need to eat. I get super sluggish and no joke, being hungry actually makes me sad. Never do I feel more sorry for myself than when I need to eat and can't because of where I am or what I'm doing.

I've also upped my cross-training game and did such an intense HIIT workout yesterday, getting up from my desk today was a monumental task. My thighs are silently screaming in agony and I think I may have pulled my right boob. I don't think it's even possible to pull your boob, but I'm pretty sure I did.

So that was my day: Famished, but too sore to stand up and do anything about it.

Two weeks ago I ran the furthest I have since November's half marathon. Felt amazeballs.

But overall? Training is going well. I revisited the plan I made for myself during last fall's Monumental Half Marathon and feel pretty good now that I'm finally past the "I hate everyone and everything" hump. (Seriously. It doesn't matter how prepared I am going into half marathon training, there's always a week or two that feels like I'm slowly killing myself. But once I get an 8 miler under my belt, I'm good to go.)

The last time I ran the 500 Festival Mini Marathon was so disastrous, I feel pretty certain I'll do better this year simply by default. I mean, short of collapsing on the track and making a spectacle of myself, I don't see how it could get much worse than it was in 2012. (I feel like every time I say something like that, God's up in heaven chuckling and saying, "Oh, you wanna bet?")

But fingers crossed I improve by leaps and bounds during this year's race. (Ugh, that makes me nervous just thinking about it. The self-inflicted pressure! I can't!)

I'm also admittedly getting sick of the trail I use for my long runs. I've been shuffling back and forth on that same 2.5 mile stretch of pavement for the past 5 years and dang, I need a change of scenery. So much of running is mental. I have consistently better, stronger long runs in my neighborhood than when I go to the trail because if my brain gets bored during a run, it's all over. I have that trail MEMORIZED. I know every turn, bush and tree. In fact, it's almost exciting when a dog drops a butt bomb out there because for a few seconds I'm like, "Awesome! Something new to look at!"

Don't get me wrong, the trail is still amazing for speed work and shorter runs, but I was so bored running my 10 miles last Saturday that I veered off into the woods because I thought I was going to cry from the monotony.

After riding the struggle bus for almost 2 hours.

Then I rode the struggle bus for several miles because dodging roots and holes in the ground is exhausting.

And now that the weather is finally taking a turn for the better, I get to reintroduce my body to running in hot temperatures. Warm weather and I don't get along very well, so I've already made myself promise to run early in the day and drink water water water.

It's funny that I'm complaining so much because despite everything I just said, I love the training process. I love the anticipation, the mileage and yes, even the stress (though I think Clayton might disagree with that last one). I get excited every time I look at the calendar and see that it's time to start training because I know the adventure is about to begin all over again and before I know it, I'll be standing at the start line, anxiously awaiting the gun.

Do you have any big spring races coming up? Other than running countless miles, what are you doing to prepare?