The slump

I'm forever in awe of the talent of the people I work with every day. My colleagues not only produce amazing content in the studio, they create amazing things at home ... in their free time. Why? Because creativity is in their blood. Their art is part of their being. It's just as much a part of them as a limb or an organ.

I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw the latest painting from one our interns. It's not a for a class or school project. It's not for her work with us. It's for her. She's painting this gorgeous piece after her daily responsibilities and duties are done because this is how she relaxes. This is how she plays.

And here I am, a lover of words, who hasn't updated her blog since last Thursday. What happened to me? My blogging used to be so on point. Writing ignites my creativity. It sparks my happiness. And I've been letting it fall to the wayside in favor of other frivolous nighttime activities.

I write professionally and while that delights me to know end, I've stopped writing for me. I haven't made time to write in the mornings or in the evenings before I go to bed. It makes me sad and might partially explain the void I've been feeling in my creative soul (that or it's that blasted Seasonal Affective Disorder), but I only have myself to blame.

We make time for what's important, and this blog is one of the most important things to me (as weird as that may seem to some folks). I need a plan to get back on track.

I think about updating my blog all the time. Posts topics come to me at all hours of the day (and the best ones usually pop up when I'm trying to fall asleep and I inevitably forget them the next day). But when it comes to actually carving out the time at night to sit down and write about my life, I don't. I'm letting other things take precedence. Sure, feeding myself, spending time with my husband and working out are definite necessities, but do I really need to binge watch the latest episodes of Girls until I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open?

The best (and simplest) way to nourish a passion is to well, feed it. Do it. Pay attention to it. Make it a priority. It shouldn't be difficult to do something you love. It should be liberating.

Snap out of it, Courtney. This is your life. Make it happen.

Also, pick up more milk after work tomorrow.