My week in pictures

I'm thoroughly convinced that I will never, ever be warm. No matter how many hot showers I take or how many pairs of fuzzy socks I pull over my frozen toes, my body temperature will always remain that of an igloo. Even when it's 80° this summer, I'll still probably be shivering. My body will forever suffer from winter PTSD.

Doesn't summer seem like such a faraway dream?

Anyway, since I've done such a hideous job of keeping you abreast of my life lately, I thought the best way to update everyone was to share the slew of pictures I took over the last several days.

(Warning: the first few pics are definitely blurry, but that's what happens when you're outside and all you have is your decrepit iPod Touch.)

There was snow on the ground this weekend, but luckily the trail was cleared and I could safely run my 8 miles on Saturday ... just in time to get a buttload of even more snow later that night. 

The ground was clear, yes, but it was still ridiculously cold and booger icicles abounded.

I made avocado salsa (which I'm pretty sure is just guacamole) and spooned it over spice-rubbed salmon for dinner one evening. Since Clayton hates onions (and has a strong dislike for avocado), this dish was mostly for me. It was totally worth the subsequent bad breath.

Clayton made us deep dish pizza from scratch. I'm not just saying this because I'm bound by the laws of marriage, but it's the most delicious pizza crust in the history of pizza crusts. The whole project takes almost all day to create, but it's worth the mouth-watering wait.

Gooey, fresh Mozzarella cheese. So messy, so flippin' YUMMY.

I rewarded Clayton's efforts in the kitchen with Rocky Road Brownie Bars. I found the recipe on the back of our generic bag of sugar and yowza! SO GOOD.

I made it a point to wake up extra early on Sunday morning so I could treat myself to a nap that afternoon. I'm not sure I've ever loved a photo more.

I crushed my 3-mile run on Monday night ... especially when you consider the first mile was just a warm-up and was completed in almost 9:00 minutes.

 I bought new jammie pants with a Kohl's rewards coupon and Joey approved.


I went for a super easy run after work tonight (Thursday). I did my speedwork yesterday and was only supposed to cross-train today, but I was suddenly obsessed with the idea of going outside for a run without criteria. I didn't take a watch, I didn't worry about my paceI just ran. I even stopped to snap pictures of the beautiful winter sunset. I felt so happy and so at peace. I need to do this more often.

And the best part? Tomorrow is Friday! Each day we get through is one day closer to spring.

Hope your week is going well, too!