Adios, Indiana!

♫ ♪   Cuz I'm leaving on a jet plane; don't know when I'll be back again ... ♫ ♪ ♫ 


I'll be back Tuesday.

My bags are (mostly) packed and I have twinges of excited butterflies in my tummy. The anticipation of going to SXSW and being a part of something totally awesome is the only thing keeping my focus off of being away from my boys for so long. It will be the longest Clay and I have been apart in 10 years (and the longest I've been away from Joey ever). I know it's cheesy and kind of pathetic, but I need/want my husband ... constantly. If it wasn't gross and totally illegal, I'd probably cut off his skin and wear it.

We'd make a hot man/woman hybrid.

It's going to be a huge adjustment being away for long, but hey, personal growth and all of that.

Spending the week in Austin with my colleagues is going to be life-changingly (is that a word?) cool and we're going to learn so much that will make us better creatives and people. I'm both nervous and happy to be pushed outside of my comfort zone. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and I shan't be wasting it.

Joey was none to pleased with last night's packing efforts and stared forlornly at my suitcase as I tried to close it. I think he knows I'm getting ready to leave because he was extra needy and snuggly (which simultaneously warmed and broke my heart).

I'm currently putting together my carry-on bag and checking off my final to-dos before we make our way to the airport. One of the bigger items on my list was to wake up before the sun and sneak in a long run before I started my day. Why? Because half marathon training doesn't stop, not even for SXSW! I got 6.5 miles under my belt and will sprinkle in a few more runs during my week in Texas because 1.) my boss agreed to run with me (because she's awesome) and because 2.) BROOKS WILL BE HOSTING RUNS IN THE CITY. BROOKS, PEOPLE. BROOKS. Fangirl-ing out.

I snapped a post-run selfie this a.m. because I finished with the rising sun and it was SO FOGGY I had beads of condensation on the ends of my eyelashes and eyebrows. You can see them on my right eye. The best part? It was warmish. Even at 6:30 a.m. it was WARMISH. Spring? Is that you!????

My goal is to update the blog a few times while I'm in Texas, but I can't make any promises. Outside of the SXSW Interactive sessions, there is so much to see and experience. I may not have time, so we'll just see what happens. Just please don't forget about me. 

Have a great week!