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Monday, February 02, 2015

I seriously don't care about the Super Bowl. We all know I'm just in it for the food and commercials.

That and Katy Perry riding a giant robotic tiger on the 50 yard-line because you know, #YOLO.

But my hubby lives for professional football and since the Super Bowl is a big deal to him and our closet friends, we all get together every year for the big game.

This year, instead of going my usual savory route, I decided to just bring an entire cake to the Super Bowl party because when I go sugary, I go HARD. Plus, my sister and brother-in-law had an impressive nacho buffet and it's all about finding the balance between carbohydrate overload and a sugar coma. 

This is going to sound so ridiculously snobby and pretentious, but it has to be said: I don't like chocolate cake in general, but I like MY chocolate cake. Isn't that terrible? If a birthday cake is half vanilla and half chocolate, you can always find me lined up on the vanilla side ... unless the chocolate cake came from my own kitchen.

I just have a really good recipe.

So for the Super Bowl party I made my chocolate cake (with a little bit of brownie mix for some added fudge-y yuminess) with chocolate ganache icing. I always assumed ganache was super complicated because it always sounds so fancy on cooking shows, but it's basically chocolate and cream. And it's edible happiness.

I stole the above picture from my sister-in-law's Instagram because she made my cake look like a super model. 

Of course I snapped my own pictures of the cake before safely carting it to the party in my special cake carrying case, and I just COULD. NOT. GET. CLOSE. ENOUGH.

Now if you'll excuse me, Clayton and I are going to enjoy a piece of the leftovers with some of  Brown County Winery's Old Barrel Port that we picked up from the grocery store over the weekend. Why? Because we're fancy. 

Pinkies up, 

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