Things I Love Thursday

Since myself (and many of you) are struggling hardcore with Seasonal Affective Disorder, I thought I'd shift my mind to happier things and revive my Things I Love Thursday series. What better way to kick out the bad than by focusing on the good?

And when was the last time I even did a Things I Love Thursday post, the Clinton administration?

That's a solid 90s reference.

Anyway ... since I've revamped the look of my blog a billion times since I last did a TILT post, so it only makes sense to jazz up the logo, too.

That should work for like, a week. 

Here we go ... 

Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins

(Of course food is at the top of my list.) I'm a girl who loves her some spicy food. In fact, I oftentimes complain that most spicy foods just aren't quite spicy enough for my taste. If it burns my tongue, makes me cry and lights my entire mouth on fire, it's still probably not hot enough. Buffalo sauce is as much a condiment for me as ketchup is for most other people. Clayton keeps buying me these Wheat Thins and I am forever grateful. Even licking the dust on my fingers afterwards is delightful. Though I do need to remember to wash my hands before touching my face and eyeballs. 

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara

I got this mascara as a freebie when I made a Sephora purchase over the winter and it's hand's down the BEST mascara I've ever used. At about $25 a pop, it's definitely a little pricey for every day use, but I promise you that it's worth it. My lashes have never looked so full and lush. Any other women suffering from wimpy lashes out there? This mascara will save you. The only bummer is that it's a total bear to wash off and no matter how thoroughly I wash my face in the shower, I still have racoon eyes. 

  Ralph Lauren Striped Halter Bikini

I'm obsessed with Ralph Lauren swimwear. Every spring I find myself admiring their upcoming summer collection and wishing I could be okay with dropping $200 on a bikini. What's even stranger is that I haven't been swimming in about 2 years and my current need for a bathing suit is um, 0. But I love the striped pattern on this bikini and find myself more and more frequently favoring black (which is totally out of character for me).

LC Lauren Conrad Ankle Boots

Light brown ankle boots are at the top of my list for spring fashion and I fell head over heels for these boots from Lauren Conrad (do you get it? I fell head over HEELS for SHOES? Ah, you'll laugh about it later ...). So I bought them. I can't wait for this snow to move on outta here so I can rock them!

What are some things you're currently loving? (Besides ME AND THIS BLOG.)



  1. Just a tip: I use the same mascara. It comes off easily with a dab of coconut oil.


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