It's that time again (+ my giveaway winners!)

"A coat with a furry hood looks stupid," Clayton said. "It serves no purpose," he said. 

Well, who got the last laugh, Mister? We got almost 8 inches of snow over the weekend and I was as snug as a bug in a rug in my "stupid" furry hood. Your winter coat doesn't even HAVE a hood. 

As much as I loved getting a blanket of white and being forced to stay inside and binge on Netflix for most of the weekend, I am totally over winter. Even sunny winter days stink and my seasonal affective disorder is out of control. I was walking to my car this afternoon and got whipped in the face with bitterly cold wind and started CRYING because I hate it so much. 

I mean, the tears definitely could have been from the wind, but I could also feel them in my heart. 

Okay, that was dramatic. 

And I can't even articulate how much I hate running inside. I tried to run a few laps at the gym last week when we had white-out conditions from flurries and strong winds, but I only made it two miles before I had to hop on a treadmill (and because someone yelled at me for running in the "wrong" direction on the track because apparently it's THAT big of a deal and I was throwing off his groove THAT much. In all fairness, I didn't have my contacts in and couldn't see what direction the arrow was pointing and I also think it's stupid that the direction changes every day in the first place, like running the other way every 24 hours will somehow make running in circles slightly less terrible.).

This weekend's mini blizzard relegated me to the treadmill for my long run on Saturday, if you even consider 5.5 miles a long distance. But when you're running on the treadmill staring at your wall for almost an hour, 5.5 miles feels like a marathon. I had every intention of running outside despite the cold and snow, but nothing was plowed for hours and I literally could not find a clear surface to stand on.

My Festival 500 Mini Marathon training kicks off this week and now I remember why I dislike this race so much. Training always starts when the weather is still bad and I have to log a lot of miles indoors. I don't care who you are, running on the treadmill is way different than running outside. Running too much inside makes me feel out of shape for running outside and visa versa. 

And I've been feeling so down lately (thanks, S.A.D.!), I can't muster much enthusiasm for anything. This morning I looked at my training plan for the next 10 weeks and instead of feeling the familiar butterflies flutter in my tummy, I just felt tired. 

Luckily the roads were somewhat clear by Sunday afternoon and I was able to safely run a quick 3 miles outside. It was pretty darn cold and windy, but my legs loved feeling actual road beneath them. And it appears that the previous day's treadmill run didn't totally wear me out:

I look so happy to be outdoors. 


And now the reason why most of you are here: I have some winners to announce for the Brown Dog Soap Works Giveaway! Thank you to all who entered by liking Elizabeth's Facebook page. She has a good thing going on and I love seeing support for small businesses. Thank you!

My method for choosing a winner was super scientific: I wrote everyone's name on a scrap of paper and drew the winners out of my Atlanta Braves baseball cap. Those who liked Elizabeth's page and tweeted about the giveaway received 2 entries. Those who only liked the Facbeook page received 1 entry.

Congratulations to Molly P, Debbie Thomas and Susan! 

Each of you ladies will receive 2 bars of BDSW soap and all you have to do is shoot me an email at with your contact information. 

Thank you!



  1. Thanks again Courtney! I hope everyone likes their new soap! PS, I too suffer from SAD. I have a happy light for my office that everyone comments on how bright it is! :)


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