Brown Dog Soap Works: A Notably Neurotic Giveaway

Boy, oh boy! Do I have a treat for YOU today!

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentleman, because we're about to get CLEAN.

That sounds like we're about ready to take a group bath.

I love every single one of you dearly, but I would not bathe with any of you.

It's not personal.


Who wants to win a blog giveaway!?

I was gifted several bars of locally made soap this past Christmas (thanks, family. I can take a hint), and I am officially obsessed with the natural, good-for-you ingredients. In fact, the second my last bar of soap whittled down into that annoying Chiclet-sized nubbin that gets stuck in your armpit and eventually disappears down the drain, I got online and ordered more. 

So can we just talk about Brown Dog Soap Works for a second? Because we need to.

Brown Dog Soap Works is owned and operated by Elizabeth Flowers in South Bend, Indiana. (Side note: Elizabeth was actually childhood friends with my sister and I'm pretty sure she slept over at our house once or twice.) Elizabeth has been making her own soaps, lotions and lip balms since she was in middle school and started selling her soaps in 2012. Her online store opened in October of 2014 and some of her yummy products made their way under my Christmas tree.

Make no mistake, Elizabeth's soaps are legit. I asked her about her soap-making process and she schooled me on things soapy science. I tried to pretend like I understood terms like "lye" and "sodium tallowate", but I got a C in chemistry and this is all beyond my scope of understanding. So please just trust me when I say that Elizabeth expertly and lovingly crafts each and every one of her soaps using a very delicate process that she has perfected over the years after a lot of research and a lot of practice.

Over the past several years our society has become obsessed with all things naturalnatural foods, natural beauty products, natural cleaning products, etc.and with good reason. We're getting lazy with what we put in our bodies and with disease and cancer rates as high as they are, it would serve us well to know what we're consuming.

I have sensitive skin (I have at least three blog posts that begin with "So I have this rash ...") and I am uber careful about what soaps, detergents and skin care products I use. Elizabeth shares this sentiment when she said, "What I love about making soap is that I know precisely what ingredients go in to it". Preach it, sister. 

And the story behind her business's adorable name? In 2008, Elizabeth and her hubby rescued Ollie, a brown dauschand who was a former stud used for breeding at a puppy mill that was (thankfully) shut down. Ollie and his kennel mates had never seen the outdoors, been in a car or properly socialized. Having just moved to a new city, Elizabeth and Ollie bonded over the shared experience of new, unfamiliar surroundings.

About a year later, Elizabeth and her husband adopted a beagle-mix named Chloe (and didn't realize she was pregnant at the time of her adoption!), and their two sweet pooches are volunteers at The Sisters of the Holy Cross, a nursing facility for retired Catholic Sisters.

She even makes soap for our furry friends and sent me a sample of her doggy soap! Clayton and I absolutely love it! Joey? Not so much ...

Elizabeth is also devoted to giving back! After finishing a batch of soap, she sends the end pieces along with any of the beveled edges to Clean the World, an organization that recycles used bars of soap left over from the hotel industry and other handmade soap makers. They have a process that sanitizes the used bars and creates new ones from the scraps and are distributed around the world for the needy.

I asked Elizabeth which of her products is her favorite and she replied, "I began making these products for myself, so it is hard for me to choose a favorite!" Though she did divulge that she loves any of her soaps that are made with milk or beer because the bubbles they create are so fluffy!  

My personal favorite Brown Dog Soap Works product is "Soothe Your Face Soap" with coconut oil and tea tree oil. After only a few days of use, my skin had never been clearer (or softer). I make Clayton touch my face constantly because it feels THAT amazing.

And now I want to share Brown Dog Soap Works with YOU! I have bars of soap to give away to 3 very lucky readers. The bars are of varying scents and as a very satisfied customer, I can assure you that each one smells and feel absolutely delicious.

Readers can get 2 entries in my Brown Dog Soap Works giveaway:

1.) Like Brown Dog Soap Works Facbeook page and leave a comment below saying that you did.

2.) Copy, paste and send out this exact Tweet: "I just entered @MrsCourtneyP's Brown Dog Soap Works Giveaway and you should, too!"

Contest closes Monday, February 23 at 11:59 p.m. EST time and I will draw winners on Tuesday, February 24.

Good luck! You don't want to miss this!



  1. SO awesome!!! Love homemade anything, especially skin care - my body has been through the ringer the past 15 years.

    No need to enter me in the giveaway, but I tweeted it to all the doggie lovers out there! :-)

    PS - aren't blog giveaways fun??!!! I think I need to do another one soonish....

  2. Sounds like an awesome company!! I'd love to try it out. I just liked their fb page. Headed to twitter now. ;-)

  3. I liked FB but not on Twitter - I cant loggon - it was hacjed Debbie Thomas

  4. I do follow you! And am enjoying your awesome products. Lip balm is a winner . . . and body butter . . . and tomato facial soap . . .

  5. I liked the page and tweeted :)


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