No one invites me to Hollywood parties

^^I can't quit this song. I spent most of the weekend wandering around the house shouting, "I'm too hot! Hot Damn! Make a dragon want to retire, man!"

Clayton gets so irritated when I get songs stuck in my head because I don't know how to stop singing. Sometimes I'll sing something nonstop for MONTHS. I'm pretty sure I recently heard him mumbling something about trying to patent a wife-muting device.

Just wait until I figure out how to do the dance to this song! Then he'll probably just move out.

But anyway ...

Happy Monday (evening)! You made it through the first weekday and hopefully it's smooth sailing from here until the weekend. 

This weekend was a double-whammy because not only did the Indianapolis Colts win their playoff game against the Broncos (which I watched with friends while drinking a pint of Busted Knuckle at Buffalo Wings), but the Golden Globes were on!

The Golden Globes are my faaaaaaaaaaavorite awards show because it honors TV and movies, so that means I get to see hot people from both the silver and small screen in the same room together and it's so much eye candy, my brain needs a full week to process all of it.

Plus my girls, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, hosted for the third (though sadly final) time. They killed it.

And Paul Rudd and Jeff Goldblum sitting together? I'll never be that cool. Never.

Second only to John Krasinski sitting at the front table and looking dapper in his tux, my favorite thing about the Golden Globes is the gowns. My goodness, the dresses! I can only dream of wearing something so pretty and glamorous. Heaven knows I'd be a bull in a china shop if they ever put me in a couture gown and I don't have the stems to pull off a high slit dress,but I just want to know what that kind of luxury feels like ... if even just for a second.

While I wasn't quite as blown away by this year's dress line-up as I have been in years past, these are my definite faves for 2015:

Anna Faris is my number one pic because she looks flawless and this is something I'd wear! You know, for all of those Hollywood shindigs I get invited to.

 Love Emma's pants ensemble. Sexy, yet demure and chic.

 Kate Beckinsale because Kate Beckinsale is a goddess. I bet she woke up like that.

I thought Anna's dress was unique. It's a refreshing look (though tulle makes me shudder) and such a beautiful color on her skin. Not sure what's up with her stank face in this photo though.

I included Kate Hudson's dress not because I love it, but because I love her body in it. This dress is certainly not my taste, but if I looked like that? I'd wear this gown to the flippin' grocery store.

And Jennifer because hey, it's Jennifer. DUH.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Did you have a favorite dress or look?


*All images taken from E!