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Last night I made crab cakes for dinner, and this blog post has no real direction or topic.

But that's what makes blogging fun for me: You can start with literally nothing and after just a few minutes of pounding out words on your keyboard, you end up with ...

... slightly more.

Barely more, actually.

But still, more.

I was given the advice to write about whatever is in your heart and on your mind in that very moment, letting those feelings be your guide on days when you don't have a specific subject to discuss.

It's safe to say that right now, the only thing in my heart and on my mind (and in my tummy) at this very moment is WAFFLES.

One day I'll be haunted by how many unflattering pictures of me there are on the internet.


I was like, "Clayton, darling, you know what would be the perfect meal after last night's delicious, low-fat crab cakes? WAFFLES."

(For the record, I never call Clayton "darling". His pet name usually contains the word "butt".)

And don't think I didn't notice that there's a laser beam of light shining on my plate in this picture. Why? Because waffles are a gift from above. 

Eating waffles and whipped cream for dinner is one of my very favorite things about adulthood. At 29 years old, I'm still infatuated by the notion that I can seriously do whatever I want (which is kind of hilarious when you consider how many times I neglect to do the dishes and am like, "Do you think my mom would be disappointed in me if she came over right now?"). I will never get tired of the freedom of choice. The other day I told Clayton that even though it was late, I wasn't tired and didn't want to go to bed. He simply replied, "So don't."

So I didn't.

Bam! Grown up!

I mean, I was exhausted and moody the next day and totally believe that we have structure for a reason, but STILL.

What's your favorite non-traditional dinner?



  1. I am 150% behind you on breakfast for dinner. Sometimes, since I don't have a waffle maker, I'll make pancakes and use them as buns, and put a fried egg between two of them, and viola. Pancake egg sandwich. Throw on some avocado, and it's even better. Douse it in maple syrup, and now we're talking.

  2. Breakfast supper all the way! I'm Southern though so my family's breakfast suppers usually include grits or chicken & waffles.


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