Happy Friday and hello, weekend! We made it!

What was the high point of your week? The low?

This week's low point was definitely finding out that my car's heat was improperly fixed over the weekend and is actually going to cost $1,000 more to repair. No, thank you. I'll just wear an extra scarf on my commute until spring. 

My high point? Getting my new glasses!

I picked up my frames yesterday after work and I must say, I'm a smitten kitten. At first I was nervous that the frames were too large and I'd look more like Drew Carey than a professional creative, but I think they worked out pretty well. They're tortoise shell Ray Bans and balance out my face far better than I'd hoped (especially when you consider how um, wide my nose is). 

When I first told Clayton that the frames I selected were "bigger" than what he's used to seeing on me, he didn't really reply. He just let out an audible sigh. See, Clayton has a chronic fear of hipsters, and I think he's was worried that giant glasses are a gateway accessory to high-waisted jean shorts and tickets to Cochella.  

But he saw them this morning and said I looked cute. So they're definitely husband-approved!

I hope you have an awesome weekend! Enjoy the sunshine. It's supposed to in the high 40s here tomorrow!