Courtney Confessions

I still can't be bothered to put our Christmas decorations away. I don't even enjoy looking at them anymore, but laziness trumps my post-holiday blues.

Kevin and I like to look at ourselves in the mirror together.

Since I technically write for a living now (!!!), I made a strong case for getting the most up-to-date AP Stylebook at work. If you think I'm delighted by the fact that the cover says both "selfie" and "HPV", you're absolutely right. 

The one doctor visit I look forward to every year is the optometrist. Why? Because I LOVE getting new glasses. I'm one of those people fortunate enough to have terrible eyes and a prescription that changes just enough from year to year to warrant getting new lenses. And if I need new lenses, then I need new frames, right? RIGHT!? (Clayton, don't answer that.) Go ahead and dilate my pupils, I don't care! Just let me pick out some new frames when we're done! I've always considered glasses a fun way to switch up your look and play with style. My current frames are 2 years old and I'd think to think I've evolved a little since then.

Stay warm today!