The weekend reCRACK

Behold, the weekend recap! Always reliable. Always faithful. Faithful like a ... something that's faithful.

Sorry, I'm not on my game tonight.

But ya, a weekend just happened, so let's talk about it!

Friday night, Clayton and I were more than excited to meet Dan and Emily at The Comedy Attic to see Pete Holmes. We've seriously had our tickets since like, the second they went on sale. Emily gifted me one of his comedy cds to help me train for the marathon last year and we've been basically obsessed ever since.

Funniest. Show. Ever.

Clayton was in tears. I was in tears (and sweating because I'm gross). I couldn't even breathe most of the show. At one point I rested my head on Clayton's shoulder and whispered to him that I didn't think I was going to make it.

You know how people are rather fond of the term "ugly crying" nowadays? For those not so familiar, ugly crying is when you fail to have control over your face during periods of profound happiness or sadness. Ugly crying is when your face involuntarily contorts into less than flattering expressions and you are powerless against it. See also: Kim Kardashian.

Well, I ugly laugh. When I find something incredibly funny, I can't control the muscles in my face. I look like the donkey from Shrek. And probably sound like him, too. I can't help it.

And I ugly laughed through the entire comedy show.

Pete Holmes has to be the most endearing comedian ever. I think his whole shtick is "let's not take any of this or ourselves too seriously because life is actually pretty good". Love it.

Since we're old people, we hit the early show and were delighted when Pete took the time to meet every single person who wanted to shake hands and snap a picture before the next show started. I don't normally fangirl too hard nowadays, but his comedy cd got me through flippin' marathon training, so I had to tell him thank you.

How delightful is that man's face? He's a self-proclaimed "Lesbian Val Kilmer" or "Renee Zellweger before whatever happened to her face this year happened". 

I also welcomed the opportunity to try a few new recipes this weekend. 

Do I have to even prefaced this by saying I found both recipes on Pinterest?

First, I made some festive cupcakes for a craft workshop we held at work on Sunday. A bunch of us girls got together to try a DIY holiday wreath project and drink some bubbly. The workshop was a huge success and I'm pretty proud of my little Christmas tree cupcakes. 


The recipe was a standard red velvet cake and the icing is a new buttercream that the original pinner swears tastes just like frosting from a bakery. 

She is not wrong! Fluffy, sturdy and delicious! For being so light, it piped onto the cupcakes beautifully and I'll definitely be referring to this recipe again and again and again.

I also tried a recipe for this thing called "Crack Bread" and without ever having tried crack, I'm pretty sure the dish lives up to its name. 

What is Crack Bread, you ask? It's a loaf of sour dough bread stuffed with bacon and cheese. Like, literally STUFFED with bacon and cheese. And in case you didn't think that was enough calories, just pour a cup of melted butter and ranch seasoning over the top before adding more cheese and baking. 

Crack Bread is never necessary and no one has a valid excuse to eat it ... unless they're really gunning for a heart attack.

Other weekend activities included that standard weekend long run (which now that I'm not currently training for a big race isn't that outrageously long) and attending a wedding for one of Clayton's cousins.

At least, I think it's one of his cousins. I'm not entirely sure how they're related. My husband's family tree has so many branches, I still can't keep things straight after 11 years. But I absolutely adore his family and love when we get to see everyone. I think you'd be seriously hard-pressed to find anyone who loves their in-laws as much as I do.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I'm getting super duper pumped to see MY side of the family, Clayton's side of the family, Joey's side of the familyeveryone!

How are you preparing for Christmas this week? Have you finished all of your shopping and wrapping?