The Christmas Survey

We're getting so close! At my last count, we're just 8 days away from Christmas! So what could be more fun (and easier) than a holiday survey? 

Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song?
I feel like Jesus will be upset to know that my favorite Christmas song is secular. But I chose my favorite Christmas song solely on which tune I find myself singing most often around the house. It's a major toss-up between "Let It Snow" and "Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland", and that's because I don't think I know all of the words to either and kind of lump them together.

Favorite Christmas album: Neil Diamond's  "The Christmas Album". Ride or die readers of this blog already knew that. Neil Diamond rocks the red sequin shirts of my Christmas dreams.
Favorite Christmas(ish) movie?
This Christmas with Regina King, Loretta Devine, Chris Brown and Idris Elba. Clay and I rented it the first Christmas we were married. Now we own the DVD and watch it every year. Though I should also mention that I finally got around to watching Love Actually like, 2 weeks ago and it's now a strong contender, too.

What do you usually eat on Christmas morning?
We don't tend to eat one specific thing because we alternate which set of parents we're with on Christmas morning. Since we're basically operating on a "unwrap and go!" kind of schedule every year, we don't get to linger on Christmas morning goodies. 

Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition?
I've always been extremely partial to Christmas Eve over Christmas Day. My family has several Christmas Eve traditions that I adore including opening the gifts in our stockings, watching Claymation Christmas and listening to my mom read The Littlest Angel. My mom has read that book to us every Christmas Eve since we were practically babies. I'm 29 years-old and perfectly capable of reading on my own, but there's just something about the sound of your mom's voice that you can't beat. 

Real tree, fake tree or no tree?
If there's a fake tree in my presence, I'll light it on fire.

Christmas pajamas: Yay or nay?
Nay. We wore semi-coordinated jammies when we were little girls, but I think that's because almost everything we owned was semi-coordinated. 

Where do you spend the holidays? Your own house, your parents’ house, extended family, in-laws, friends?
Oh the joys of being married without kids! So many families to see, so little time. We rotate where we spend Christmas Eve and morning every year, but we always see my mom and sister, Clay's parents, and Clayton's maternal extended family.

Food that you always have during the holiday season? 
This is going to make me sound terrible: Champagne. But hey, it's the holidays! I'll drink my Christmas spirit, thank you very much. 

Favorite Christmas food/treat?
I used to wait on the edge of my seat for my Nana's annual tin of Christmas cookies to arrive in the mail. Sure, they'd be mostly broken due to a traumatizing trip in a mail carrier, but they were still wonderful and held so many sweet memories. Nowadays I scarf down my mother-in-law's chex mix like the world is ending and my only solace is to eat more chex mix.

Open presents all at once or take turns? 
If you take turns, the gifts last longer! Most of the fun is getting to watch other people open their gifts and be surprised, so we definitely take turns. I'm super pumped about the gifts I'm giving this year! 

Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?
I should really just rename this survey "Courtney Drinks for Christmas" because I only enjoy eggnog with a healthy splash of bourbon. 

Do you prefer to shop online or at the mall?
In recent years, I've done most of my shopping online because it's so much easier and you seriously cannot beat some of the cyber deals. However, I always make at least one trip to the mall for Christmas shopping because as much as I hate crowds and waiting in line, there is something to be said for roaming the stores and soaking in the holiday ambiance. Plus, sometimes shipping takes forever and it's great to be able to have the item in your hand the second you're ready to purchase it. 

What is on your Christmas wish list?
Honestly, not too much. Writing my Christmas list was a bitch this year, but that has less to do with my selfless and more to do with the fact that I have way too much stuff already and really don't need anything. 

How do you decorate your tree?
Sometimes it looks like we just gathered up all of our ornaments and lights in one giant handful, shouted "1-2-3!", and then tossed everything onto a bare tree. I try to be calculated and artsy with my tree decorating, but when you spend over an hour just trying to evenly space out your Christmas lights, you tend to be over the whole thing pretty quickly.

Candy Canes: Yum or yuck?
Meh. We buy them to decorate our Christmas tree, but then usually just throw them away in January. Clayton strongly dislikes peppermint, and I could really take it or leave it. 

Now yu know what would be fun? If YOU take some time to fill out your very own Christmas survey and then share the link with me so I can read your answers. Or if that sounds like too much work, you can just post your answers in the comments section below. 

Okay! Ready, set, go!