Our Winter Wonderland

Since we had the whole "raisin episode" last week, I didn't get around to posting the slew of holiday photos I've acquired since Thanksgiving.

By the way, we're calling it "The Raisin Episode" now. Mostly because when I called to check on Joey during his second day of fluids, the vet tech who answered the phone exclaimed, "Oh, you're Raisin Dog's mom!"

*face palm*

Anyway, I've had the urge to decorate for Christmas since like October, but Clayton always makes me wait. And I waited semi-patiently. So the Saturday after Thanksgiving, after we had visited both sides of the family, Clay and I took our Christmas tree out of the garage and turned our home into our own little Winter Wonderland.

In addition to large colored tree lights and tinsel, we tried to recreate childhood Christmases with traditional red stockings, red satin bows and what I like to call Creeper Santa wrapping paper. (I don't know why, but vintage Santa makes me deeply uncomfortable.)

Clayton buys me a real poinsettia every Christmas, and this year he brought home both a white and a red pot of the flowers. My mom always filled our house with gorgeous poinsettias and we had them at our wedding (December weddings basically decorate themselves), so they definitely hold a special place in my heart.

After putting up our holiday decor, I participated in my third year of Teresa's Cookie Boot Camp. Teresa, Molly and I stayed busy in the kitchen for hours while our men watched football and we came up with an insane amount of Christmas goodies.

Would you like to try my Schweddy Balls?

Holy crappolla! Clayton and I ate those cookies like the world was ending. My weakness is definitely home-baked MnM cookies. We even spent an evening on the couch next to the Christmas tree, dunking our cookies into hot cocoa while we watched Elf. It's probably the most festively cliché thing that's ever happened to me.

And it was awesome.

Christmas is only 15 days away! Can you believe that? (I should probably finish my Christmas shopping).