Midweek Motivation

I way lying awake in bed last night, wondering if one of my contact lenses got lost behind my eyeball and just thinking about life (you know, the usual), when I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to revamp my blog.

I don't mean revamp as in redesign or change the style (goodness knows I've done that many, many times and at best my blog is "cute"). Rather, I want to rededicate myself to blogging and put more work into this passion project that I've been working on for the past 5 years.

I used to do a Midweek Motivation series on Wednesdayswhy did I stop doing that?

Because no one really liked it, said the voice in my head that I need to pay less attention to.

But I like it, said the voice in my head that I need to pay more attention to.

How many of us are there? chimed in a third voice.

I'm hungry, said a fourth. <--- And this is why I never sleep.

Anyway, I started the Midweek Motivation series on my blog because 1.) I adore alliteration and 2.) I frequently seek out inspiration for my both my professional and personal life. I look to other people's words, pretty things and let's be honest, yummy-looking food. After combing through my favorite websites, I'm assured that I'm not alone.

So here are some things that sparked my imagination and creativity this week:

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