Christmas 2014 recap

Today is Friday and this is the first time I'm posting all week. The days leading up to Christmas were nuts (despite my best planning efforts, I still found myself running out on Christmas Eve for a few stocking stuffers) and on top of everything else, Clayton and I are both sick with colds. Clay has been feeling under the weather for over a week now and I started to get a tickle in my throat on Christmas Eve morning. By Christmas afternoon, I was almost delirious and in desperate need of a nap. I think I drank my weight in hot tea this week, too.

There's been so much phlegm in this house lately.

But Christmas was still absolutely lovely and I hope you and your family had a blessed holiday as well!

This year was my mom's turn to host us on Christmas Eve, so we continued with our tradition of watching Claymation Christmas, reading The Littlest Angel, and were woken up to the sound of Neil Diamond blasting through the stereo on Christmas morning.

For breakfast my mom made an amazing French toast and eggnog casserole and she decorated her house so beautifully, it felt like we were living in a true Winter Wonderland.

My mom MADE my Christmas when Clay and I opened a new set of pots and pans. We've been in desperate need (I cannot emphasize this enough) and I dropped several not-so-subtle hints over the past several weeks. My mom is sneaky and knew I'd be scoping the tree for a pots and pans-sized box, so she wrapped up just one pot in the smallest box she could find.

My sister and her boyfriend, Chris, got the same set and it was the best surprise! 

I had so much fun giving gifts this year that I can easily say I was more excited to watch people unwrap than I was to unwrap myself. My mom loves the TV show Scandal and I bought her a beautiful blouse from The Limited's Scandal collection. It's so her style. She'll look gorgeous in it!

My sister CROCHETED us scarves.

Clay got a new video game that's NOT Madden NFL. 

Chris got a collection of new beers to try. 

I got some new Joseph Joseph kitchen swag. 

It was awesome!

After leaving my mom's, Clay and I drove to his grandmother's house for his maternal side of the family's traditional Christmas Day brunch. We chatted with his cousins for a few hours, but I started to sweat and felt really dizzy, so Clayton brought me home for a nap to prevent me from passing out in front of his family and making a spectacle of myself. 

After dozing for a few hours, I started to feel a bit better and we went to my in-law's to do our gift exchange with Clay's parents, Mitch and Molly. We were so excited to present Teresa with her new Kitchen Aid stand mixer, I almost passed out again ... this time from anticipation. 

Here Mitch and Molly presented me with a gift that was so wonderful, I teared up at the mere sight of it. 

It's my Joe-bizzle baby!

Feeling overwhelmed with even more holiday cheer, Clay and I finally made it back to our house to do our own little family gift exchange. Clay always wins for most thoughtful gifts and gave me a sweater I randomly pointed out in passing several weeks ago while we were at the mall. I simply said, "That's a beautiful sweater." And not only did he remember the store, he remembered the exact sweater, went back over a month later and purchased it for me ... in the right size.

He spoils me. He really, truly does. 

Even Joey got lots of Christmas goodies from his aunt Ashley and grandparents. Clayton and I capped off his day of pigging out with a doggie Christmas cookie. 

What was the best moment of your Christmas 2014?


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