I think Googling yourself is a high level of narcissistic stalking and anyone who writes a blog knows exactly what I'm talking about. 

Instead of using my usual search term "Courtney is the greatest blogger ever; throw money at her", I recently took to Pinterest to see what popped up when I searched the site for my blog's name. 

I found a few pins of my recipes (thank you!), but not much to make me feel like the rockstar I like to pretend that I am. However, I did notice this pin and it almost made my heart (and ego) explode with delight:

Yes, this was originally pinned over a year ago and it's quite possible that this gal has stopped reading my blog because a lot can happen in a year (though the only acceptable excuse for not reading my blog this year is death), but for a moment in time in my words meant something to her and she identified with me. 

I honestly feel like I can quit blogging now because my ultimate goal has been accomplished.

... Just kidding. I'm going to keep blogging til' people give me free stuff.