A poem for winter

When the leaves turn brown and begin to fall away,
We all know that winter is on its way.

Days become shorter, where does the sun go?
Nothing to do but wait for the snow. 

I feel joy because Christmas is right within reach,
But let's be honest, this girl is built for the beach. 

So I'll wait it out, just sleep through the whole thing,
And count down the days til' I can thaw out in the spring.

I'll wrap my hands around a mug of vanilla chai,
In an effort to warm myself from the inside.

I'll dress myself up in cozy, over-sized sweaters,
Do my best to embrace the frigid weather.

But my fingers are always cold, my lips are chapped,
Sometimes turtle necks make me feel like I'm trapped. 

No shower will ever be quite hot enough,
Don't care if it makes my skin flaky and rough.

If it has to be be cold, then let's do this thing right:
Dump buckets of snow, cover everything in sight!

I can handle the temperatures of zero and below,
So long as it comes with a blanket of snow.

Ya hear that, Mother Nature? Get on it.