A BLISSful weekend

Happy Monday! Only 2 Mondays left til' Christmas! (In case you were wondering.)

I am coming off the high of a long, exhausting and wonderful weekend and am pumped to share it with you!

On Friday, I spent the majority of the day getting the theater venue set up for our big party (I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog before). Bliss is our agency's annual holiday bash and we invite our clients, area business owners and our closest friends to celebrate the holidays and well, ourselves.

It poured rain alllllllllllll day on Friday, but that did not deter from the festivities. In one afternoon, an ordinary theater was transformed into a whimsical snow globe world and I was blown away by the turnout. Partying on center stage, custom holiday cocktails, wine and spirits from amazing vendors, an aerial performance, a live band, a snow machineBliss 8 had it all.

While debuting our Bliss 8 film to the audience, I got a little misty-eyed because I'm finally following my bliss and it's the absolute greatest feeling in the world. *pauses for emotional moment*

For only the second time in my life, I got my make-up done by a professional. Since Bliss is such a big deal, us ladies wanted to look our very best and we had our own hair and make-up team brought to the theater. I decided to tackle my hair myself, but I'll never turn down the opportunity to get my face painted pretty.

I've never had airbrushing before, so this was a real treat! In a matter of seconds, my uneven, blotchy skin was transformed to near perfection. I was amazed at how smooth and dewy my face looked (though it was a total bitch to wash off later)! I even sprung for fake lashes that my boss lovingly ripped off my eyes at the end of the night because I was too scared to do it myself.

Before heading home to try and make sense of my disgusting hair (did I mention it was raining the ENTIRE day!?!?), I ducked into one of the theater dressing rooms and took advantage of its bright lighting to capture the details of my exquisite make-up.

Is it weird to say I like the color of my eyes in this picture? Because I totally do. I should walk around in blinding light ALL the time. 

Gah! You can see how frizzy my hair was!

 An hour later: Hair curled and ready to go!

I asked Clayton to snap a few pics by the Christmas tree before we left because I kind of love this gold dress and thought I was looking particularly festive:

 ^^And this is why Clayton hates taking my picture. 

I invited Mitch and Molly, Dan and Emily, and of course my darling husband to be my guests for the evening and was so excited to share this experience and introduce them to this new part of my life. We enjoyed drinks, danced (awkwardly, in my case) and soaked in the atmosphere together and I think they had just as much fun as I did!

Look at our guns. Get it, girls!

My date for the evening who accidentally matched his brother perfectly.

On Saturday afternoon, I volunteered with some of my co-workers at an event called Holiday Portrait. We teamed up with other local photographers and took holiday portraits for deserving families. I got to make Christmas crafts with the kids and best of all, I introduced some of them to Santa Claus! For many of the children this was their very first time laying eyes on the jolly man in the red suit, and the look of delight on their faces was indescribable. 

Saturday was also Clayton's and my 6th wedding anniversary! We knew we'd have a busy weekend, but we still managed to carve out some time to sneak away to dinner and movie (Horrible Bosses 2: Hilarious!) 

 He bought me my favorite champs! Oh, and flowers and chocolates, too. 

Terrible image quality in our dimly-lit kitchen. 
I'm just thankful I got him to pose for a picture. I pulled the "But it's our anniversary!!!!" card. 

I feel like the past 6 years have been a blur. I've been in love with this man for 11 years and I can honestly say that each year gets better and better. I'm so very thankful that we're growing together and are continuing to develop a deeper appreciation for who the other person is, despite our tendencies to annoy the dickens out of each other. There's no one I'd rather quarrel (and make-up) with. 

As you probably guessed, we were lazy daisies on Sunday. We slept until almost 11 (which is crazy late for me nowadays) and were pretty much bumps on a log. I got in a long run during football and then the only other time I left the couch was to make dinner. 

I definitely feel refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle the work week!